80° exclusive Two Worlds Interview writes:

"The RPG genre is one of the most immersive (read: addictive) game types around - with long gameplay hours and extensive plots. Being such, RPGs can amass their own fanbases, making it a bit tricky to take a piece of the pie especially when you've got a new title.

One title has piqued our interest (or at least, this writer's) and we were lucky we scored an interview with the creators. We had a chance to sit down with James Seaman, Managing Director at TopWare Interactive to talk about their upcoming video game, Two Worlds. We're sure you've been expecting some news about what's going on with the innovative RPG. Why innovative? Well, let's see... Two Worlds packs a persistent world, immense in-game environments to explore, no loading times, and other features that are surely considered new to the RPG genre. We got into a lot of things about the game like character progression, multiplayer modes for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions, and release dates.

We'll quit the prattle so you can read the entire interview. It's pretty beefy, so you better keep your eyes peeled. You might find some interesting stuff in there. (Plus, Mr. Seaman's sense of humor didn't go unnoticed here at QJ Central.)"

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BoneMagnus4127d ago

August = BioShock
September =, uh, I for got the name...oh yeah! Halo 3!
October = GTA4
November = Assassion's Creed

Not to mention COD4, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, Turok, Area 51, HL:Orange Box...I could go on and on

Silver3604126d ago

times of plenty are upon us

Rhezin4126d ago

dam maybe I will consider this game. Now, hopefully, it has an official release date of july 21, earlier than I expected, I might pick it up. I was worried about all the bugs and glitches and graphics and how it would run on the 360.

Legionaire20054126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

I need a Oblivion replacement, because Oblivion is getting too repetitive with dungeons look a likes, repetitive voice acting from A.I., Human enemy A.I. and creature A.I. with the same tactic running towards you and eating your projectiles like arrows and fireballs for example, and too much loading in each area. Oblivion has no Dragons physically in the game and no horseback combat which surprises me from a game set in the medieval times. I think it's good that Two Worlds creatures don't respawn Its too annoying in Oblivion when I have to face a rat after another rat!!!!