Gamer Limit Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The Battlefield series has been highly regarded amongst PC gamers over the years, but it never really made its mark on the consoles. This soon changed with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company, DICE's answer to the console competition which successfully brought the series away from the PC market and into uncharted territory. Starring a new team of boisterous buffoons, Bad Company also saw the series make its first venture into story-driven, single player campaigns in a bid to appease the more demanding crowd, and for the most part, it paid off.

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Yuenanimous3141d ago

I really need to get around to pick this up. Good thing Spring break is in 2 weeks...

DangerCurtis3141d ago

While the environment destruction adds a new element to war games, the fact of the matter is that these modern warfare type of games (or just warfare games in general) are becoming way too over saturated. Dev - Copy - Print. Cookie cutter recipe

StartWars3141d ago

It's still a superior game to Modern Warfare 2.

SilverDragon19793141d ago

As good as Bad COmpany 2 is, there are still some major class balancing issues that DICE needs to work out. The Medic class is extremely overpowered and the Assault class is extremely underpowered.