XNA Scene in the UK: Creating the Future

Videogame development has changed drastically since the days when long-haired, spotty teenagers could sit in their dingy bedrooms programming lines and lines of code to create a text adventure about sexy wizards. Now, it's all million dollar budgets and studios rammed with hardworking developers. However, a group of UK enthusiasts wants to take gaming back to the bedroom and rekindle the creative fires of game-loving Brits.

That team of muses is the XNA UK User Group, a gang of Xbox 360 and PC fans who are introducing budding designers, artists and musicians to the murky world of games development.

XNA, if you're unfamiliar, is an extremely simple and free-to-download development tool created by Microsoft that can be used to produce games for Windows and Xbox 360...

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MK_Red4128d ago

I wonder if Sony and Nintendo will make such a game developing tool for PS3 and Wii.