Nokia goes multi-format with secret next-gen N-Gage title

Pocket Gamer has reported exclusively about the development of a cross-platform game, codenamed 'Project White Rock' that is designed to run on both N-Gage handsets and PCs. The nature of the title has not been disclosed yet but it has been stated that the resolution of the game will remain the same on both platforms.

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Omegasyde4128d ago

Seriosly, I thought this project went bankrupt?

Nokia should stick to phones if they want to compete with the new Iphone and motorola phones.

pwnsause4127d ago

do they still make that piece of crap??? if the DS or PSP ever had acutal Cell Phone Capabilities, that piece of crap would die in a heartbeat..

marcellizot4127d ago

I think you are both getting confused between the old N-Gage taco and the new next gen N-gage platform. The new N-Gage platform is not a piece of hardware, it is a standardised development environment that works on Smartphones.

It has much more in common with something like Xbox Live Arcade as a development platform.

As for the comment about this project going bankrupt, the N-Gage brand is owned and run by Nokia. Seeing as Nokia have regualarly posted increased profits and at present lay claim to a third of the entire mobile phone market (that's a lot of cash), I don't think money is really an issue for them at the moment.