PGR4 boxart: motorcycles confirmed?

Microsoft today released the final US boxart for Project Gotham Racing 4, which will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 later this year. We all know that PGR4 will feature tons of great, high-performance cars but there have been some rumors that PGR4 would feature motorcycles as well.

Microsoft nor Bizarre Creations denied or confirmed this rumor but if you look at the PGR4 boxart you can see a motorcycle in the reflection of the car behind the PGR4 logo. Does this mean PGR4 will indeed be featuring motorcycles for the first time ever in the franchise?

We will probably see a lot more of the game at the coming E3, which is finally beginning next week. Maybe Microsoft will show off some motorcycling action!

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Gamer135638d ago

E3 will tell us all, but it will be kool if cars can race against bikes in pgr4 - but the screen shows the bike next to the car - it seens true.

IM OUT...///"""

THWIP5638d ago

MotoGP-style racing was confirmed in an interview late last year.

CNIVEK5638d ago an older issue of GameInformer, when they interviewed the co-owner of Bizarre Creations. Apparently it was made public later, because I found this via Google:

Gamer135638d ago

good to now.

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Lygre5638d ago

Bikes in PGR might be fun, if they can make them handle allright.

I wonder if you can race bike vs car. And what happens when u crash the bike? Do u fall off?

Would be great if we got a demo next week when it's E3. But I think we should be grateful if we get a new video featuring bikes and stuff.

JS1HUNDRED5638d ago

off subject, the word 'confirmed' followed by a question mark is a contradiction.

BIGBAER5638d ago

The word confirmed followed by a question mark is----a question.

In any case, I am looking forward to PGR4. PGR3 still is the leader for high-intensity, white-knuckle, beads-of-sweat-forming racing.

Meet you at the pile-up at the first corner....!

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The story is too old to be commented.