New Lara Croft is not Tomb Raider 9

Crystal Dynamics representatives have assured concerned Tomb Raider fans that Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is separate from the main Tomb Raider series.

A Crystal Dynamics employee posted on the company's Facebook page: "You know this isn't Tomb Raider right? We [are] working on two games, but this is something fresh and different! Wait and see : )".

Another employee reiterated: "Don't worry! They are separate and LCGoL doesn't effect the 'other project' ; )"

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Michael-Jackson3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

no duhh but it's great to hear confirmation, the new game is a ripoff...will turn out crap, imo. I guess that the next TR will have a new art style which was leaked awhile back, was it fake by any chance? The series is dieing.

phinch3766d ago

Cant wait too see what they have done to it ,I haven't played much tomb raider since the first 3, so along time.