Grand Theft Auto IV: GT Trailer 2 Analysis Video

The devil is in the details and Game Trailers analyses the second GTA IV trailer in this video

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Crazyglues4125d ago

It is said that at the end Nico is on an Apple iPhone, the question is how did he get his, did he have to stay on line all night, or is he on good terms with Steve Jobs.

Then again Nico is from GTA so he probably just follow some poor fool back to his car after he bought the iPhone, and even worst he probably took his car too.

MK_Red4125d ago

Good point. But since he said things will be different here, maybe he only stole the iPhone?

Gamer134125d ago

Can,t wait to see a gameplay video.

IM OUT...///"""

MK_Red4125d ago

The "Johnsons" one was cool. Hopefully there are more relations to San Andreas and Vice City. I hadn't noticed the bike graffiti from GTA:VC box cover.

Maldread4125d ago

Yeah i didn`t see it either, but the GTA3 character`s appearance in San Andreas was fun, so i hope too see some old favorites in GTA4 too. Nice find about this video by the way, very interesting to see stuff i didn`t see myself.

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