Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Server Maintenance, Today And Tomorrow

Electronic Arts announced the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers were going down for maintenance tonight and tomorrow night.

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coolcut1353147d ago

is this why i cant login in ?

captain-obvious3145d ago

this is old news
the servers are up long time ago

trancefreak3144d ago

I got a patch around 23:00 pst but didnt have time to see the change log or check it out due to zzzz for work.

Anyone else know before I google it??

Rob Hornecker3145d ago

I play most of the day on saturday with a few hicups.BUT other then those minor issues ,it played fine n the 360. I hope they got the ps3 store issues fixed.

CernaML3145d ago

PS3 store works. Online game play was also fine.

HarryM3145d ago

I don't understand how the same story is posted on N4G again and again. -_-

514guy3144d ago

man i had it with them, it takes me 30 min to play online and i'm getting kicked alot i guess i'll wait for the Medal of honer maybe the'll get the game done right .......i hope

trancefreak3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Sorry man I had lag problems and server ranking problems thats all. The lag is all but gone but the ranking system suks.

When you get a new mp game you shouldnt have to play consitantly against squads ranked higher than 20 ive seen 30 to. Like I said before I want to figuire out the map and gradually get skill to become better in the game without dying every 5 seconds. I havnt noticed any base spawn protection either.

Its very hard when you have high ranked players with much better weapons with the players who are just learning the ropes.

Im fairly good with the game but alot of other low ranked players are just lost and its not really fun like that when you have higher skilled players just working your team.

Greeny19723144d ago

I love the game but get very frustrated with the disconnects online