IGN: Undertow Hands-on Plus Two Gameplay Videos

Geometry wars meets Battlefield on a flooded earth is the best way to describe Undertow. IGN recently had the chance to get their hands on this underwater shooter from Chair Entertainment and found their expectations met: This game is fun.

The premise is simple and one most gamers will instantly recognize. The game takes place on a 2D playing field that houses several bases which act as spawning points. Each team is tasked with wiping out all of the reserves on the other team or taking control of every base thereby making it impossible for opponents to respawn after they die. Bases are captured by floating within a close proximity until they are converted, provided an enemy unit isn't also close by to block your progress.

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Excalibur4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

The teaser trailer was a bit intriguing but now I am no longer interested in this game.

The teaser made it look like a different type of game.
Thats a shame too. 2D games are such a waste (To me anyway).

MK_Red4179d ago

Im a 2D game fan so Im more than interested in this game. It looks and okays cool IMO.

ichimaru4179d ago

this game actually looks fun. i might pick it up, is it on xbla?