Article - Looking forward to Battlefield 3

Gamerzines has a moan about the size of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. A far cry from the days of Battlefield 1942 it says.

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chak_3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

agree, as much as I enjoy playing it with friends, I always keep the REAL sequel to BF2 in my mind

Absolutly can't wait, and tbh I think it'll be my next PC upgrade :)

evrfighter3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I'm envisioning a real race for air superiority a battlefield that takes time (about 2 minutes) to traverse in an f18.

Or naval warfare complete with battleships, carriers and....Submarines.

Ground infantry supported by a convoy of apc's and tanks. All of this in a TRUE destructible environment. Where not even concrete, metal or train cars has a chance with enough c4.

This is my dream battlefield game. Which imo is still a couple generations away. This is what I envisioned when I was young, naive, and first heard the announcement of Battlefield 1942. The dream is closer now.

Letros3774d ago

I was thinking the same thing like, all these massive style battles, that contribute to an over all push, like two countries at war, there are low level skirmishes, naval battles, air combat, etc, MMO-Battlefield, hey they said we'd be blown away by it =)

Trunkz Jr3774d ago

Article seemed like it was gonna talk a bit about BF3... all it was about was ranting about BFBC2, and yeah it's not as great as it should be like a BF3 could do, it's still a good game tho.