Radeon HD5830 DirectX-11 Gaming Performance Review (BmR)

Most of the discussion surrounding the Radeon HD5830 video card has been about its performance relative to its two nearest neighbors in the ATI lineup. People are falling over backwards trying to get a fix on its which side of the fence the 5830 belongs: closer to the HD5770, or nearer to the HD5850. In Benchmark Reviews' recent evaluation of the HD5830, we compared it to a wide variety of video cards, including several that are not compatible with Microsoft's DirectX-11. Our DirectX-10 testing provided a level playing field for all the video cards, so we could make a fair comparison with older graphics cards that readers may currently be using, and the current models from NVIDIA that are limited to DX10. Still, gamers are itching to see how the new crop of cards would fare with DX11 enabled.

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ProjectVulcan3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Im sorry but its performance is not all that brilliant, especially if you compare it to a previous generation card like a 4890 or GTX275. Ok so it has DX11, but the enhancements currently seen in games are not particularly spectacular, and this review shows how much of a performance hit this card takes trying to run them.

Its barely 10-20 percent faster than a 5770, yet costs here in the uk a good 50 percent more. 5770 1Gb usually costs as little as 120 pounds, and one of these is 190! If i look on newegg for our american cousins then the 5770 is 150 dollars and the 5830 240 dollars! Yet again a huge gap for precious more performance....bad price/performance

Aphe3142d ago

Quick question, what would be the best card to go for upgrading from a 8800gt for under £200? I haven't kept up to date on the latest graphics cards tbh but I'm looking to go for a new one soon.

ProjectVulcan3142d ago

I would be waiting a little bit longer to see what nvidia put on the table at the end of this month- competition should hopefully cause Ati to at least lower their prices and give with luck a knock on effect to the lower models. If you are looking for a single Dx11 card then this is about the only proposition at its pricepoint around 200, but as i said above its not great, i wouldnt pay more than 160 for it.

With a little luck maybe the 5850 will find itself closer to 200 pounds in a few weeks, and that is a much much better choice for that sort of money. Currently they cost about 220.

Aphe3142d ago

Ah ok, thanks. I might wait a bit then, gonna have to get back up to speed with the latest cards, I haven't looked for ages.

TABSF3142d ago

I have a HD 5850 and they overclock very well

My friend is looking to upgrade from 9800GTX and he looking at HD 5850 or GTX 440 or 450

dirthurts3142d ago

When the Nvidia cards come out, all the ATI cards will drop in price. The current ATI cards are fantastic. Don't let anyone fool you. I would go 5850 when the price comes down. By then the drivers will be mature, while Nvidias will still be buggy.

TABSF3142d ago

I'm still looking to get GTX 470 or wait for a revision of the GTX 480 may be 485

The control panel is the biggest problem with the ATi cards

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jjesso19933142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Aphe your best bet is to consider if you want a dx11 card dx11 has not been used very much but iam sure this will change.

if you dont mind ati: 5770 is good choice in that price novatech really amzazing and cheapest i found hardware

if you really dont care about dx11 and dont like ati then gtx 260x is good choice

if you want dx11 dont like ati then wait to nivida get some budget dx11 cards but might wating long time.

really want to go out get 5970 but want to wait for gtx480. its amazing how much people pay stupid commic books and pokemon cards in last week selling all my all my old kids toys and stuff i have made £2500 if any one in need of money its the best way lol

ProjectVulcan3142d ago

This is a fail when you consider it struggles against a 4890- which two months ago were going for as little as 140 pounds as they cleared out for the 5 series.

Even 5750 crossfire is probably a better idea for around 200 pounds, it would certainly beat out a 5830 easily. Of course there are more factors to take into consideration such as the system they can be fitted to and preference.

dirthurts3142d ago

For the price you can't beat it.
Integrated 7.1 audio for the HDMI side too. They don't mention that.

ATi_Elite3142d ago

I'm an ATi fan and I'm in the market for some DX11 cards but this 5830 is no where near my radar. I think Ati in an attempt to fill a price range made a HUGE mistake with this card.

Except for less heat and super low electricity use the HD 8530 is Fail in a strong 5800 series. They gimped the wrong parts to make this card.

HD 5770 5850 5870 and 5970 are the way to go.

come on Fermi (Nvidia) so Ati can lower their prices.

edoman203142d ago

For what i see most of people are waiting for Fermi so they can buy a 58XX o 57XX series for lower prices

Is anyone actually excited for the new nvidia card?

OMG DAAMIT owned this generation from TOP to BOTTOM