Sony to Market the Move to Your Mom

Based on the video playing on the enormous screen that Sony has set up at GDC, they will advertise the Move motion controller as something your Mom would buy, cause it's fun for the whole family. The thing is, after she's done with a rousing game of Ping Pong, you can jump into the Gladiator Pit.

The article also includes other random notes from the GDC Expo floor.

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averyzoe3777d ago

I would love to see some competition for the wii, as the motion control games have gotten a bit routine.

WildArmed3777d ago

If they support the games like High Velocity Bowling, I'm in.
My parents love playing that, and I think Move would enhance their experience over the weak six axis.

But, as it stands it's a no-go. I'll wait till E3 for everything to settle down and decide in the fall to make the leap or not.

Btw, I hope E3 won't highlight PS Move. I need real games too you know!

mastiffchild3776d ago

Ha! They aren't selling this to MY mum! She's just turning into her 60's and plays mainly retro stuff she liked the first time round(even got the SI for her DS with the dial paddle for Xmas last year!)and enjoys TWEWY almost as much as MY teenage daughter! Stop stereotyping people's mums! some of them were already gamers you know!

I guess the missus also qualifies as a mum(as we've got three sproglets)and she's a better gamer and bigger gamer than I am! Christ, I even let her use my PSN/Live accounts to boost my stats sometimes ion most FPS except TF2 because she's just such a bloody lone wolf it isn't funny! Mum's can be, and often are, pretty good gamers and casuals can be anyone too. Seriously, my mum would be offended if you presented her with a load ofd minigames and told her that it was aimed at her-actually she's got pretty good and individual taste and a few of her mates, some of whom, in fairness, did start with the Wii are now playing some serious games even if they haven't formed a Gran's Army clan just yet(seriously, though, it might happen after seeing her taking the SP of BFBC2 apart with the missus the other day! She hadn't played a FPS with dual analog controls before and was surprised how good she was and how well she coped. Honestly, though, i think I'll, hang up my controller if both my mum and my wife end up better than me at bloody everything! She's a freakishly good Tetris player as well come to think of it. I'm going to end up worse than everyone here-if my 12 year ld lad has nicked off with a shooter he shopuldn't have an sneaked a game on my account it;'s always easy to tell! I rarely come top player at Warhawk but that wee bugger is a demon on it-and as he's no old enough to play it he rarely gets the sly chance so it's ALL natural for him.

Oh well, I've still got a year or two before I feel the sting of my eight year old breathing down my neck and beating his increasingly useless old dad! Anyway, don't believe the demographics as these mums can be killers. Killers I tell you and that female multi tasking thing makes them mean MH players too!

JudoChinX3776d ago

I wonder if Sony is making a mistake. People who want something like this already have a Wii. They ought try appealing to another audience... oh well. We'll see what happens.

hoops3776d ago

How the tables turn. The MS and Sony fanboys bashed the Wii for the motion controls being focused on mom and dad...
Now look here...
Oh the hypocrisy

Renewman3776d ago

It's quite simple. You already have families who have a PS3 as a video game console and entertainment device. With the Move, now Mom and Dad won't have to go out and buy a Wii when they can just get a similar experience with the PS3. That's what people are failing to see. Fanboys want to say that the Move is a rip-off when all it did is take what the Wii has done and made it better. Add in all the other value the PS3 offers and you really have a great deal.