IGN Editor Matt Casamassina dishes the dirt on the behind-the-scenes at GDC

Editor-at-Large Matt Casamassina dishes the dirt on the behind-the-scenes murmurings at the event. I'm not impressed, I say. PS3 Move features almost no latency -- just one frame -- but that paper truth didn't seem to translate to reality as I played with the controller at Sony's event. Most of the stuff played like first-generation Wii efforts from third-parties. Natal, though -- the motion offering from Microsoft -- not so much. The same studio rep calls Natal a big, buggy mess. "It's sh*t," he adds, saying that it just doesn't work as promised. That it's slow and that the camera is imprecise, which he notes, is causing some major development woes.

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rroded3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

calls Natal a big, buggy mess. "It's sh*t," he adds, saying that it just doesn't work as promised. That it's slow and that the camera is imprecise, which he notes, is causing some major development woes.

bout the only other interesting thing is he 'heard' wii hd was due 2012

FangBlade3769d ago

"Takeaways so far: Sony has made a dildo-controller that feels like a gimped Wii remote. Natal sucks. And Wii 2 is in no rush."


Bigpappy3769d ago

The proof is in the pudding. Sony has shown their games Wii has theirs, now M$ must show theirs. Put up or shut up. I will not be long before we see how good or bad Natal games will be. It wouldn't just be games by the way, but we shall soon see.

Megaton3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

"He refers to a development conference Microsoft held not so long ago in which Peter Molyneux of Fable fame (presently, creative director at Microsoft Game Studios) took the stage and attempted to demo the publisher's much-publicized Milo Natal project. Molyneux apparently called someone from the audience to the stage and asked them to interact with the virtual boy, but it didn't go to plan. Natal's camera failed to see the person accurately because he was wearing a black trench coat. After some fiddling, he was asked to remove his trench coat and -- whoops -- wore a black shirt underneath. When it still didn't work, he was invited to take his seat again.

Next, Molyneux said that Milo could interact with illustrations drawn to paper and scanned by the camera. He asked the audience for suggestions. "You could see him c0cking his head and listening for the right key words, and then finally he heard something the game would recognize," my development source explains. It was a cat. So he invited someone from the audience to ascend the steps to the stage and illustrate the feline on paper. When Natal attempted to scan the horribly scribbled drawing, it instead picked up the Abercrombie & Fitch logo on the person's sweater."

baum3769d ago

The same guy tha was dating Perrin Kaplan (former Marketing VP of Nintendo) behind the scenes? The same guy that admitted to be a Nintendo fanboy? The one that has been behind Nintendo regarldess of their screw-ups? Him? OMG now I know the truth behind Sony's move!

Hey, why don't we ask Dan Hsu's opinion on PS3 and Shane Bettenhausen's opinion on Xbox 360? Hell, that way we'll know better.

raztad3769d ago

IGN is becoming a laughing stock

StanLee3769d ago

Thanks Matt for telling us what what we all already knew. LOL!

Shadow Flare3769d ago

I get the impression Move was a little under-whelming but the hardware shouldn't be in question. We've already seen it demonstrate 1:1 precision. So its up to the developers to achieve what the controller's possible of. Natal on the other hand, all we've seen is lagging, buggy games. Its not wrong to assume natal can't do 1:1 precision because nothing we've seen has come close to it. Natal is a 30fps camera; compare that to Move which uses a 60fps camera and has the aid tracking balls to get more precision. Move will be more accurate then Natal, thats all there is to it

TOO PAWNED3769d ago

Meh guy is Nintendo fan and he feel butt hurt, although i have to say Natal part was HILARIOUS

bruddahmanmatt3769d ago

All this talk of a potential Wii HD is moot. PS3 + Move = Wii HD with better games. I've said it before. If the Move finds its way into enough homes, makers of mature titles for the Wii will jump ship to the PS3. Not only that, but there are titles for the PS3 that would actually be interesting with motion controls unlike the craploads of shovelware currently being sold by Nintendo.

Can you imagine playing a game like Demon's Souls, Folklore or Oblivion with motion controls? The biggest difference between Move and the Wiimote IMO is that the Move is being developed as a peripheral to enhance your gaming experience whereas the Wiimote was simply a tech demo showcasing what can be done with motion controls. I see the move as an add-on in the same vein as a steering wheel for racing game enthusiasts or a flight stick for flight game enthusiasts. Let's get one thing straight, I have no interest in using motion controls with games like SOCOM 4, but dungeon crawlers, hack and slash games and various RPGs would work VERY well with them IMO.

OnlyOnN4G3769d ago

For those that didn't bother to click the article...

"Move's hardware is more than competent and there's certainly a lot of potential, but most of it remained untapped at the event. This opinion is seconded by the developer, which is working closely with the device. They tell me that they believe it will ultimately outperform the Wii remote in responsiveness and say that their own tests are already proving that true. I ask if there is the kind of lag I experienced at Sony's demo and they say no, that it's very fast and reliable when programmed correctly. They add that it still has some calibration issues like the Wii remote, but that it's still an improvement."

BattleAxe3768d ago

WOW, this guy is a hardcore Wii fanboy, it kinda makes me sick. I watched the up close Socom4 gameplay on and theres no lag. As the guy is playing the game he's talking about how accurate it is.

tplarkin73768d ago

Matt is just one example of what is wrong with video game journalism. He is foul-mouthed and unprofessional.

N4g_null3768d ago

So far real motion gameplay is a huge pain. Yet natal is a mess waiting to happen. Move is mostly like connecting a wii mote to your pc. I hope they are debugging their game play with people that do not sit completly paralell to the monitor. True matt sucks and every one could tell some thing was going on there lol come on interviews on the floor lol. What is sad is most of these game guys are unprofessional and are just fans.

Wii 2 in 2012? Maybe not I'd say 2014 right now. System on a chip design has a little ways to go. I use a space mouse for some of my work and I'm sure some thing like that is on nintendos mind.

The game changer is in the software.

If move is so good then preorder it! Demand it! Show it to your mom and then tell us what you find.
If this does not do well out of the gate it maybe game over since I really expected an expanded feature set rather than a wii mote. What Sony doesn't understand is if they had added more to this hardcore wii owners may have upgraded.

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swiftshot933769d ago

this guy is known to be a Nintendo fanboy. Every single f1cking site is saying just how superior the Move is to the Wii, and judging it on software that isnt even half complete yet is just totally unfair.

Regarding Natal, we keep hearing how unresponsive it is and how much it sucks and yet we've seen nothing. If the developer in the article is to be believed, then Natal is actually worse than the Wii (if thats possible). I seriously doubt MS would launch a product as bad as that, but I do believe that they will launch it this year no matter what, even if its a rush job. Itll work and itll be better than the wii, but if its as bad as it sounds, then its gonna have problems.

Parapraxis3769d ago

c'mon...we all know MS doesn't rush things.


tunaks13769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

"this guy is known to be a Nintendo fanboy. Every single f1cking site is saying just how superior the Move is to the Wii"
You clearly didnt read it, Cassnasina says that the tech is better, everyone knows the tech behind Move is better it came out after Wii so it has to be. Its the software thats the problem, hardware doesnt sell itself. Software does. And all this talk about 1:1, it is not practical in all genres. Think about GOW, how the hell do you think you'll be able to pull of the combos Kratos does? Gestures have to be used,, 1:1 can only work in a sword sim (waiting to see Zelda Wii, Redsteel 2, and the sword fighting game in Move) and sports games.

Biggest3769d ago

Hardware doesn't sell itself. Software does. Oh you mean like the Wii?

Brasi823769d ago

So the Motion + for Wii has a true 1:1 ratio, and so does Sony's Move. I know the technology for Move is better because it was created at a later date and if it is equal or less that the Wii's tech then it would be an epic fail. However does one really care if Move has better tech than the Wii Motion +? Since they both have a 1:1 ratio I don't see the point of even arguing the point of "better tech".

Blackcanary3769d ago

gave u a bubble mate.

That's the first time i have ever agreed with anything u have said.

I just hope that the developers can get it right for the PSMOVE sake.

We've seen the effort that the devs have put in with sports champion lets hope the others see suite.

Still have to remember everything there was still in pri Alpha. So they have more than enough time to polish things up.

IdleLeeSiuLung3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I find it funny that people will say, Move is fine this dude is a Nintendo fanboy and therefore a liar. Yet, when speaking about Natal, the Nintendo fanboy is now NO LONGER A LIAR!

So anything negative about Move, is a lie. Anything negative about Natal, is true!!! /s

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Dylantalon13769d ago

natal sounds like success. the first e3 impression of natal is telling, BAM , and it failed to recognise underneath the dude's foot. it suffered from other issues and up til now they haven't released any gameplay of anything worth seeing of showing the hype they claim. both natal and ps move needs work but with move weve seen it work and weve seen potential but on the natal side we haven't seen anything really. i cant wait til e3 to see what natal side has to show.

halojunkie3769d ago

nice article. i agree with it.


It is buggy and laggy, and Im not making this up, because in the videos of the gameplay of Natal, there is the proof, the evidence.

3769d ago
Seferoth753769d ago

Nice to hear just how bad the Sony wand is from someone that ACTUALLY USED IT. Sony fans have been running around for weeks trying to proclaim it superior simply because Sony made it with NO PROOF to back up those claims.

It's funny that Sony fans are now saying "wait and see." but just 2 hours ago it was the most precise thing on the market. Now we know it isnt at all.

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