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Don't let the fact that you haven't previously tackled a title from the Yakuza franchise put you off picking up this game. While the learning curve for the story starts off a little steep, by the end of the ludicrous, action-packed storyline, everything falls into place and you have formed genuine connections with endearing characters. Yakuza 3's detailed and living environments, engaging story, and abundance of extra things to see and do make it an entertaining ride and a great addition to your brawler collection.

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deadreckoning6663775d ago

Looks like a great game, but I'm broke. I bought BC2 a week ago and I had to sell KZ2 today to put together the cash for GOW3 on Tuesday. No more games till Q4 for me.

deadreckoning6663775d ago (Edited 3775d ago ) man. I don't buy that many games per year. I buy only 3 at most. With so much college work I barely get a chance to play the ones I have. And I like the idea of selling old games for new ones. I could buy em outright, but I just like the thrill of getting money for old s**t lol. Im actually gunna sell my entire PS2 collection tommorrow just for sounds sad, but I thk its fun :)

aaron58293775d ago

while i can see selling old games for new is good, i dont see it as being "fun" ...

just my opinion. :P

deadreckoning6663775d ago

lol well its fun this time because I'm doing it to get GOW3, which is why Im excited about it! See I wasn't originally planning on buying it Day 1, but a friend convinced me and I got a HUGE return on I figure hey ill just get GOW3 with this cash :)

edwineverready3775d ago

as DLC. Make it happen Sega

Homicide3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I'm having a lot of fun with this game. I'm mostly running around the city playing mini-games and whatnot.

Anyone who is discouraged about playing this game because they don't know the story of the previous games shouldn't fret. They're some cinematics on main menu that retell the events from Yakuza 1 & 2. They're about 10 minutes long each.

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