IGN: Slider Hands-on

his week at the Game Developer's Conference, IGN has seen a lot of game's set to use PlayStation Move, Sony's brand new motion controller, but IGN wouldn't say very many of the games have spoken to Them and made a solid case for why they need to be in people's lives.

Cajun Chicken5191d ago

I can't wait for videos of gameplay for this. Could be my new PAIN.

keysy4205189d ago

after screwing up reviews for awhile its over for me and ign

PSX Extreme: Slider Preview

There are unique concepts and then there's Slider. At a glance, you'd think the description of the game is more of a prank and less of a legitimate premise…and then you realize it's designed with the PlayStation Move in mind, and you're suddenly intrigued by its zaniness. The reason we label the genre as "Miscellaneous" is because we have no idea if it's more of a racing game or action game, or perhaps it's a combination of both.

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Slider for PS Move is an Ode to the Retro

Will Powers writes: "Right now this is the only 'announced' game being developed for PS Move from SCEJ. That doesn't mean that this is the only game in development by that studio, just that this is the only one that the public is made aware of. And it is VERY Japanese, but in all of the good ways!"

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George Weising Interview: All About Slider, The Escaping On An Office Chair PlayStation Move Game

Siliconera writes: Remember the PlayStation Move game where you escape from the Yakuza by riding an office chair? It's called Slider and we spoke with George Weising, Producer, to find out more about it and if SCEJ is working on any other PlayStation Move games for North America.

Slider is such an offbeat game, maybe you can start by explaining the concept?

George Weising, Producer: Slider is a game about a detective and secretary trying to escape the Yakuza because they are up to their neck in debt. You're trying to escape through the streets in Hong Kong, on office furniture, to a busted down van.

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