G4TV: Jack Tretton Talks About PlayStation Move

Sony's President and CEO Jack Tretton is exceedingly optimistic about the success of their new motion control initiative, PlayStation Move.

When Adam Sessler sat down with him at GDC, Tretton had a lot of good things to say about Move and assured all the Sony fans that the hardcore audience would not get left behind

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Johnny Rotten3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

the biggest worry for me is in my house the Plastation eye sucks in dimm lighting.

This was taking in the room of my playstation which consists of 2 60watt pot lights and 2 3 foot florescent lights which were on top of the camera for this pic. And for the record this was the best pic I could take.

fantasygamer3145d ago

cute kitteh and i think the bad lighting in peoples houses wont be much of a problem because the orbs on top of the controllers glow

WildArmed3145d ago

i agree. I got the PSeye in 08 March.. and I tried to make my face on Rainbow Six Vegas, and my face came Green.. wtf? lol The PSeye isn't exactly made for dark rooms i guess.
Hopefully it won't interfere with the PSMove's efficiency.

saint_john_paul_ii3145d ago

we know you are Mr.Tretton...we know you are...

ChozenWoan3144d ago

I personally like the way you acknowledged and respected the competition, yet stayed focus on your own companies goals, products, and gamers everywhere...
... which equals anyone with electricity. ;)

RageAgainstTheMShine3144d ago

Awesome and Handsome!

I like the way you MOVE it!


Under $100.

Not bad for that kind of quality and technology.

WildArmed3145d ago

Under 100 bucks will get you an
PS Eye, a Game and a PS Move.
So for people who have a PS Eye (like me), it'll be even cheaper! <3

Dellis3144d ago

79.99 will be the price

jalen2473144d ago

I already own the PS Eye.

I will be picking up 1 MOVE and 1 SUB initially and if my girl wants to join in on the action I will pick up another MOVE controller.

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