Advertising coming to Xbox 360 achievements

They've been embraced by major publishers. They've infected everything from first-person shooters and MMOs. They even occasionally served as the entire basis for a game's existence. Now, in-game advertising's inevitable extension is reaching into a new area -- Xbox Live Achievements.

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Diselage4125d ago

Personally i really don't like this move, not sure if it's possible but it almost cheapens achievements. Not sure if thats possible though so.

Shake4125d ago

I wanna take some of your bubbles away cause you got alot!Alright ,Have a good day.

MK_Red4125d ago

Advertising was supposed to bring the game costs down and eventually the prices but so far they have been useless annoyance. This is rather bad news. "Burger King Achievement Unlocked"

PS360WII4125d ago

yeah right! Did you really believe that. If anything it's considered gravy. They'll charge the 60 dollars each game and collect the millions in advertising and not say a peep.

Shake4125d ago

I gonna take some bubbles away from you,Is that ok?Oh it is.....Alright, your bubbles will be gone.Thank you for your time.

Hayabusa 1174125d ago

This is sick. And by sick I mean it makes me want to puke.

tplarkin74125d ago

I can see it working in sports games, since everything in sports has an ad stuck to it. But I can't imagine ads for other game types.

calderra4125d ago

Why's this a big deal for EA games?
EVERYTHING in sports is sponsored now- from a "Nextel Half-Time Show" to "This kickoff sponsored by Toyota" to "Lenny's Septic Services- the Official Roto-Rooter of the NFL!"

*insert shrug*
Companies that matter will keep this crap out of their games, just like they already do.

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The story is too old to be commented.