Nintendo responds to NPD data, says shortages affected Wii sales

With more than 613,000 units sold in February, the Nintendo DS family of systems set a new U.S. record for portable video game sales in the month of February, according to the independent NPD Group.

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Valay3765d ago

So I guess that sort of explains Wii's sales this month.

zane_78493765d ago

Working in the Electronics department of a retail store I can tell you, the Wii shortage and PS3 shortages are real. I have to answer phone calls for each everyday, and it's only 3-4 days a month I can say "Yes we have some in stock."

-Mezzo-3765d ago

No wonder it was beaten this month.

SuperSaiyan43765d ago

So next time Wii and PS3 do better than the 360 is it ok if the 360 fans say it was because of 360 shortages? I am gonna go out on a limb here and say no...

Jamie Foxx3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

When you go on websites such as amazon,game,toysrus and click on ps3 or wii and it says OUTOFSTOCK I guess they doing that as a game,because they don't want to make money by selling products?

So many people have posted links to confirm this which makes me believe too many FPS's has dented certain cheerleaders brain cells this gen

GameOn3765d ago

My guess would be GoW3.

acedoh3765d ago

are one SONY redesigned the PS3 and lowered the price... This created demand they couldn't even account for. At I am sure they would rather deal with the shortages now in the slow season than during the holiday season.

Nintendo dropped it's price creating increased demand.

And that is simple economics. Please use a little common sense before you go off saying that the shortages are some fabrication on SONY and Nintendos part...

Mahr3765d ago

"Nintendo dropped it's price creating increased demand."

Small correction: You don't increase demand by dropping price; you increase the quantity demanded by dropping the price. Increasing demand means that more people will demand a product at a given price, i.e., ten people want to buy Wiis for $250 vs. now twenty people want to buy Wiis for $250.

The increased demand was likely created by the release of NSMBW. All the price drop did was cause shortages by kneecapping quantity supplied.

PshycoNinja3765d ago

If MS says that they had shortages BEFORE the NPD numbers come out and I walk into my walmart and gamestop and they dont have any 360's then yes you can use that excuse. But as it stands I haven't found one PS3 or Wii where I live AND Sony announced before the NPD numbers came out that they have been having shortages for the past couple of months.

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360 won by default! have your fun 360 your old tech is showing it's age.

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The story is too old to be commented.