Sony Still Struggling with PS3 Supply Issues

Sony continues to feel the burn from "tight" PlayStation 3 retailer supply. The post-holiday sales remain down since December when the company saw record-breaking U.S.sales of 1.36 million consoles.

"There continues to be incredible demand for PlayStation 3, but tight inventory is definitely having an impact on recent sales numbers," said Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications in a statement given to IGN.

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LordMarius3769d ago

but according to our N4G brethren there are no shortages, stop lying Sony

Jamie Foxx3769d ago

For shortages to happen especially when they have big hitters like heavy rain,FF and gow3 releasing, sony continue to hurt themselves when issues like this should be null and void.
They have given ms the upper hand for febs NPD

Surprised at wii shortages aswell.

archemides5183769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

why don't u try to buy one ANYWHERE online. amazon, best buy, walmart, target, toys r us, gamestop ALL are out of stock and have been for a while. and numerous people have been posting on forums around the net saying how they've been going to "4 best buys 3 walmarts 2 gamestop etc" and not finding a single one. however employees say that they're getting fewer in (somebody said 3 instead of 12 a week) BUT even if that's the case how did they sell 300k plus last month? i was actually expecting less than 100k from all the low stock, but demand seems high too, weird

nix3769d ago

just when they had everything going (heavy rain, GOW 3 and FFXIII), they have this shortage!

thereapersson3768d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you. Apparently, they DON'T think there are shortages? I guess reality is a hard subject for some people here to handle...

jessupj3768d ago

Looks like some people didn't get your obvious sarcasm. That or they're fanboys.

Syronicus3768d ago

It's better to have shortages and high demand than a surplus of consoles with little demand. There are more positive points to a shortage than one might come to suspect. In the end, those that want a PS3 will buy one when they are available but it is a tough sell to get rid of a surplus of consoles to people who are not interested. In time they will replenish the shelves and the console will sell having hyped their own existence with the shortage. From a consumer point of view, shortages mean high demand and high demand equals popularity and popularity equals more desire. It's a win, win for Sony.

RedDragan3768d ago

Only in the business world of N4G are shortages regarded a bad thing.

Shortages only show Sony and it's investors that there is demand for the product.

ForNgoods3768d ago

While i agree with you that shortages are not always a bad thing, you have to consider what's happening behind the scene. It's one thing when you have a shortage when your production line is actually producing and the demand is so high that your product is selling out. It's another thing when you're not producing and distributing your product to the consumer which in turn causes high demand b/c of lack of supply (demand artificially generated).

At any rate i hope Sony gets on the ball soon b/c i was actually thinking of buying a slim for my living room so i can keep my 60G in my room.

Pennywise3768d ago

Shortages since December is unacceptable. Sony is losing sales because they are screwing up. For whatever reason, they are not making enough PS3's... The other companies are selling just about the same if not more(wii) and they are not having supply issues. Sony needs to get it together... at a time where they could be closing the gap they are crying the blues about supply. STEP IT UP.

The_Beast3768d ago

i went to walmart they didnt have any.

mabey it was just me being lazy. gamestop and bestbuy always have ps3s in stock when i go but yesterday i couldnt go :(

commodore643768d ago

Are they for real?

Are we really expected to believe that a massive multi-billion dollar multinational like Sony is unable to produce enough ps3s to meet demand?

How exactly did they produce 1.3 million ps3s in december?
It has been proven to us that they can produce 1.3 million units per month, ffs.
Yet for two months straight, they have waxed on about how they cannot even produce 330k units per month?

I smell Sony BS!
That's the only logical conslusion to be made, here.

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Tony-A3769d ago

7 stores, Sony...... 7 STORES and not 1 had a PS3. Not even a 250GB.

MY FRIEND WANTS HIS PS3!!! They really gotta fix this. Yahoo! Answers is blowing up with people asking when they'll be back in.

Sarcasm3768d ago

My friend who lives in Santa Clara CA had to drive to San Francisco to pick up a 120gb Slim. I thought he was joking and said, just come to Tracy to get a PS3 next time. Little did I know that it's also sold out here in Tracy.

I don't get what's Sony trying to pull when God of War 3 is around the corner.

rockleex3768d ago

Because Sony made less of them.

Not only that, I think there were some sources that said Sony have stopped manufacturing the 250GBs entirely because they're phasing it out for some newer models.

unrealgamer583769d ago

i have 3 ps3's, I'm apart of the problem. LOL

I've had 3 bricked 360's...................... that's microsofts problem. LOL

djtek1843769d ago

this really sucks, was about 2 get a slim but cannot find one anywhere

PirateThom3769d ago

The question should be "why are there shortages?"

Are Sony trying to create artificial demand?
Is there a part shortage?
Are they holding stock back for a big release (obviously not, since FFXIII and God of War III are about)?
Why are people unable to walk into store and pick one up today?

thereapersson3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

What's so hard about producing more consoles? Are they under financial constraints at the moment? Are they trying to increase demand through other means (more people unable to get the system = more demand ensues?)? I don't get why they can't just ramp up production on the system. Is it really THAT popular at the moment?

I wish Sony would come out and answer the questions that everyone has on this subject, because frankly it's becoming a little irritating. This has been going on for 3 months now!


Just checked the local Best Buy stock in my area and none of the stores have them available:

vhero3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Artificial demand certainly helped the wii. As for producing more that leads to more chances of mistakes thus highering the chances of the ps3 breaking and death rate increasing ask MS.. They rushed there first lot of 360's out.

moegooner883768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Maybe, they are planning on releasing a new slim model.

CBaoth3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Sony's got be siphoning off units for the fall launch of GT5 to combat Reach. Has to be.

Jdoki3768d ago

In these tougher financial times Sony may have just tightened up supply a bit to save money.

Any unsold unit sat in a warehouse costs a manufacturer money.

PirateThom3768d ago

Yeah, but surely it's better to have some sitting in a warehouse then having customers not being able to buy one.

Jdoki3768d ago

I absolutely agree Thom.

But if Sony has tightened up production, they may have just misjudged demand a bit. Sony are probably planning their logistics a good few months in advance.

Maybe Heavy Rain is shifting more hardware than they thought.
Maybe there's a genuine shortage somewhere in the supply chain.
Maybe they didn't book enough fab time for producing the mobo's or other non-standard component.

One poor bit of planning can be massively amplified and take months to put right. It would be easy for us armchair experts to say 'but Sony should know demand', but when a company is playing the numbers game of supply and demand to try and save warehousing and channel costs it can go wrong from time to time.

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