Toy Story 3 Moves With PlayStation

PSLS writes:

"PlayStation Move was a not so expected announcement at GDC yesterday, although it's content certainly was. With 36 publishers supporting the motion device, and at least 20 games, it is apparent that Sony is really pushing this to compete with the Nintendo Wii."

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Sonyslave33767d ago

System seller right there yall it going to outsell Heavy Rain,Infamous,Killzone2 less in 24hrs.

knightdarkbox3767d ago


ps3 fanboys buy only blu-ray movies and nothing more...


spektical3767d ago

all except heavy rain have sold 1 million... sorry bot

Trexman893767d ago

any child that loves the toy story movies has already grown up.

Greywulf3767d ago

Like the kids that grew up with Mickey Mouse.

Sev3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

@ Trexman, Not true at all. My Nephew is OBSESSED and he is only 3. While I never really saw any draw or charm, it seems that kids of all generations love the characters and make believe world.

@ Greywulf, also not true. My daughter (17 months old) loves Mickey. There is a new show on the Disney Channel aimed at very young children, Mickey is back and as popular as ever.

whateva3767d ago

when I looked at the Move games.

look like it's going to be games for kids of all ages for the PS Move.

can't wait for all the PSN Shooters to come out for the Move!

ps3gamerkyle3767d ago

Love the Toy Story movies. Can't wait for 3.. Not sure about a game, however.

Scolar Visari3767d ago

Yep, Disney is still incredibly popular. :)

randomwiz3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

But Toy Story still has amazing graphics

doctorstrange3767d ago

Toy Story still has a pretty substantial following

Greywulf3767d ago

i was being sarcastic... shoulda noted it.

kanetheking3767d ago

& he can't wait for ts3 so

Parapraxis3767d ago

Only CEOs play Monopoly too ...right OP?

Jamegohanssj53767d ago

Funny is Andy was my age in the first one. Now it's the third one and he's heading to college like me.


Lionsguard3767d ago

Growing OLD is mandatory
Growing UP is optional

Give me a Toy Story game that looks like the movie itself and plays well with motion controls or just regular controls and I'm on board.

badz1493767d ago

I've watched all pixar movies and planning to keep doing so for years to come! they never gets old! can't wait for TS3! it has been a VERY long wait!

harrisk9543767d ago

"any child that loves the toy story movies has already grown up."

I am going to assume that you were born in 1989, which explains the immaturity in your statement. I am 43 and still LOVE Toy Story and every other Pixar movie (and Disney classics as well)... It is sad that you are "too cool" to enjoy these movies. They are amazing for kids and adults. As a matter of fact, UP! was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year!

On another note, it is very interesting that I've been seeing advertisements for the Toy Story 3 game for the Wii for months. Now, the PS3 is getting it. Playstation Move is going to allow the Sony platform to pick up a lot of games that were formally Wii exclusives that the 360 won't get due to the similarities between the control schemes of Move and the Wii.... I think that is great! I love hardcore games like GOW3 and Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 and MLB: The Show... but having these other games available is going to be great for the PS3. If you don't like them, don't buy them, but the PS3 is going to have the biggest and most diverse catalog of games on the market. Imagine how much better Mad World or the Conduit would have sold if it was on the PS3!

HolyOrangeCows3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

LOL, I remember playing the toy story games on PS1/N64 and gameboy.
And watching the movies on....LOL....VHS.

Who cares if it's Toy Story "ZOMG TEH KIDS MOVIEZ FROM TEH NINTIES WEN I WASN BORN YET" if the game ends up being entertaining?

ReservoirDog3163767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Well I actually still love old disney cartoons. I just saw The Lion King the other day. By my self. And I loved Toy Story 1 and 2.

Honestly though, Toy Story 3 looks like it might not reach the greatness of 1 or 2 let alone Pixar's last 3 movies Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up. Too bad. I hope they let the series rest after this.

At least Pixar's next few movies sound pretty good

edit: By the way, I'm 18.

Bubble Buddy3767d ago

Hey, I'm old and Toy Story is still The Sh!t. :) can't wait till the third one.

MazzingerZ3767d ago

Right reply to a not so well thought 1st post....desperation to put down the support for the device doesn't go well with thinking before posting

My kids watched the first 2 ToyStory last year and loved it, for them it was a new movie and they are looking forward to ToyStory 3 this year.

I'm getting this for my kids, and I hope they patch EyePet in PAL territories, MOVE is the perfect controls for that game, my kids love it!

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spektical3767d ago

i loved toy story, didnt like the second one as much. And buzz having spanish tongue, just seems as a throw in by Disney to cater to the Latino community.

3767d ago
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