1UP: Army of Two Exclusive Preview, Overview Video and Screens

Aside from releasing a few videos on the Web, the guys behind Army of Two have gone pretty dark the past year. After the major buzz the game received at last year's E3, there's been an almost painful silence from EA Montreal, who has been quietly and secretly toiling away on the game. In this week's cover story, 1UP exclusively reveals what they've been up to, including one gameplay enhancement that may make all other co-op games seem almost dull by comparison.

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bizzy124127d ago

it dont look that good grapic wise but game play look good

riqued4127d ago

Voice commands looks good, I really want to try this game now! =)

DrRage774127d ago

i can't wait for this game to come out. i think it is going to be one of the better co-op shooters out there. it looks pretty cool, plus has some awesome features and moves you can do, so that should add to the overall gaming experience and fun factor

Dlacy13g4127d ago

Even though this game has gotten some love and praise via the media it is still pretty much an unknown game. And from what I have seen so just might be one of the best shooters this year. I am very interested to see just exactly how the co-op dynamic plays out. I also am wondering how good the AI is going to be for when you are playing solo, and last but certainly not does the multiplayer look and feel?

I definitely want to see more...and props to EA, a NEW IP and not a re-hashed sports/WWII game!

TaylorB4127d ago

I really like the concept and a lot of the artwork, but I don't think the developers are going to have the time or ability to really do justice to their own game. Some of the animations and mechanics looked kind of klutzy and I wonder if they're going to be able to hammer out all the minor details before the game ships.

Dlacy13g4127d ago

If there is one software company out there that actually has the resources to let a game push out and refine it, etc.... EA has to be one of them.

I hope they do this game right and give it the time it needs to fully be realized.

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