Playstation Move Is Going To Be Expensive

Gizmodo writes:

"Sony barely mentioned pricing with their PlayStation Move motion controller, only noting that the combo pricing with PlayStation Eye and a game will cost less than $100. But by our back-of-the-envelope calculations, the experience is going to be really expensive.

Our previous look was with the Wii MotionPlus, which clocked in at $80 per person to be fully equipped. That was $40 for the Wiimote, $20 for the Nunchuck and another $20 for the MotionPlus dongle. Now, you can get a WiiMote + MotionPlus bundle for $50, bringing the 1 person cost down to $70, factoring in the Nunchuck. For four people, assuming you didn't trash the bundled WiiMote and Nunchuck from your Wii console purchase, the cost would be $230."

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mau643358d ago

yeah this adds up after a bit.

Christopher3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Definitely a downside to just buying one component, like Natal.

But, honestly, in the long run it's not much at all. We already buy standard controllers in duplicate. Heck, Activision makes most of their console gaming money off of people buying more controllers. So, it's nothing new, but definitely something to consider.

Also, expensive is kind of subjective. Expensive was a PS3 at release. Now, it's not expensive. Expensive is the Ion Drumset, but GH or RB special editions with all the instruments for the same price, not expensive. As long as the people who are buying them utilize them, then their cost is really negligible.

StanLee3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

The problem with Move is; is the entry level cost too much for the consumer to be drawn it? Sony faced this same problem initially with the PS3 and then again with the PSP Go. I do question there pricing strategy. I think gamers are tired of additional peripherals and cost is going to be a deterrent.

menoyou3358d ago

A PlayStation Eye, plus PlayStation Move and nunchuck, plug a game for $100 is not that expensive... That's what they said the bundle would be.

markbob3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Did you even read the article? They are talking about if you want to have more than one person playing at a time.

Also the initial bundle is a good deal, you get a good start for under $100

Raf1k13358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

The $100 dollar bundle is good for casuals but TBH for core gamers all they will need is a Move controller + nunchuk and that's not much. This isn't true for everyone but it is for me as I'll be buying only core games on my PS3 as I won't be buying casual games.

edit: @soulraver, that's just what I was thinking. Only a fool would buy a starter pack for each person wanting to play. The starter pack is to get you up and running with the motion tech. If you want others to play along then all you need is another Move controller which is likely to be below $50 considering $100 gets you controller + camera + game.

For core games you'll need to buy the nunchuk seperately which is likely be relatively cheap considering it's basically half a DS3.

edit2: let's not forget that $100 is the RRP so I wouldn't be surprised to find the bundles and extra controllers on offer for less.

chrisnick3358d ago

but i figure that just not having to buy any batteries for this ever would save me a decent amount everyear anyway. A wiimote on the other hand, is a different story altogether.

soulraver3358d ago

The math is wrong, this is why, the $100 starter pack is for the Eye cam and the controller and a game.. but to play with 4 players you don't need 4 Eye cam's or 4 games, so you buy one starter pack and 3 extra controllers by them self, which we don't know how much it will be but obviously cheaper, and you get a lower price for the whole thing.

Mr Logic3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

I have one word for this "article". RETARDED! The eye can only track 4 moves max. $100 for a move, eye, and game. Logically we can subtract a $40 eye and let's assume it's a cheap $20 game. That makes one move $40, exactly the same as a wiimote. Everyone should know by now that the "accessory controller" or whatever it is called can easily be substituted with a DS3 or Sixaxis. So if you already have 4 controllers, which you should. For $160 (without taking into account a cheaper bundle) you can have 4 people playing a shooter or some other game and two players can play a game that requires two moves.

edit: BTW Gizmodo has realized their mistake and updated their figures, unlike this website. Price has gone from $550 to $290. Way to go media!

Cheeseknight283358d ago

This could be PSPGo all over again. An overpriced "upgrade" that people don't really want.

I sincerely hope not, though. We could see some very cool Wii ports or original IPs if this thing takes off. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

headwing453358d ago

Yup you're right about the article being wrong, I think they were sleeping during the GDC presentation.

I don't think this will be too expensive, Its less then 100 for the eye, controller and game, I have the eye so I don't think buying a controller and sub controller will be more then the dualshock

SoapShoes3358d ago

Yes, sleep is the only excuse they have... Well that and day dreaming.

Raf1k13358d ago

We all know that it's Sony's first party studios that are going to make the best use of this tech so I'm interested to see what they come up with.

I've got my fingers crossed for well thought out third party motion implementation.

randomwiz3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

atleast its better than the price of each fully loaded wii controller.
Wiimote + nunchuck + motion plus = $80

clonerz3358d ago

they didnt add the cost of four nunchuck for wii that another 80 dollars

FamilyGuy3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Wow, way to pull prices out of your ass.

First of all the camera can ONLY TRACK 4 WANDS

There will never be a game that requires 8 Move wands so 4 subs is the most you would ever see and seeing as the PS3 only supports up to 7 buletooth devices simultaneously and they'll (sub controllers) probably be around $20 each.

four wands, 3 subs at most.

$100 starter pack (Game, camera, Move)
$60 3subs
$150 for 3 additional Move controllers

Since you will NEVER be able to use 4 subs the most you will spend on this for one PS3 is $310.

Still high, but much less than your proposition and knock at least $10 off if you already have the PS3Eye. Drop off another $20 if you're logical enough to realize that no game will be made that requires 3 subs to be used simultaneously.

siyrobbo3358d ago

i dont see it, you will only needa max of 4 moves and 4 subs. they are not like wiimotes, the wiimotes have infrared cameras in them, the moves only have leds in them, so they should be a lot cheaper to manufacture and sony could sell them cheap maybe in even sell a bundle with 4 movesfor $149 or something

its going to be interesting going into E3, i wonder which will reveal price first, sony or MS, whoever goes fist leaves the other free to undercut them (i can imagine sony announcing $99, and MS announcing $89 not long after, or vice versa)

i think sonys biggest uphill battle will be with nintendo, they have so much leway wih regards to price, a slash on the wiis price the week before this launches and they can kiss goodbye to the casual crowd (same goes for natal) unless they have something earth shattering to reveal

jamesgtaiv3358d ago

yet be worthless at the same time. Im annoyed as a PS3 owner about this.

kneon3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

So it's pretty much the same as the Wii. The Wii has been the most expensive console to own this generation, followed by the XBox due due it's over priced accessories. Now the PS3 can move into the #2 or #1 spot :)

I've already got 4 wiimotes plus 2 nunchucks and half a dozen dualshocks around the house, what's a few more controllers hanging around :)

Somnipotent3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

so does the wii...

$39.99 for the wii remote
$19.99 for the motion plus
$19.99 for the nunchuk
a crapload of batteries OR
$29.99 for the quad charger with batteries

thats what... 80 bucks per player or 320 bucks for 4...

the ps move bundle would include the move controller, the sub controller, and the ps-eye for $99.99

the ps eye goes for $39.99

assuming you have an eye already (like myself) you can deduce that sony will sell the controller components at 30 bucks a piece, that would make it $60 per $240 for 4 players. oh yeah, it comes with rechargeable batteries. add in the ps eye, it's $280. STILL CHEAPER THAN BUYING 4 WII REMOTES!!!

SolidSystem3358d ago

the ps3 can have a max of 7 controllers at a time, thank blue tooth.

so theres no way to develop a game having 4 people with 4 controller sets. that would be 8 controllers.

i think the max number of controllers you will need will be 4 move, 2 sub.

its not like you can have 2 v2 gladiator or that boxing/fighting game.

Anon19743358d ago

...they more than make up for it by still charging subscription fees for the "privilege" of playing 100% of your games as the developers intended after you've already bought the title.

evilmonkey5013358d ago

this bundle is bogus for me.Who am I kidding, I wont buy it anyway and I'm a Sony loyalist!

saint_john_paul_ii3358d ago

theres a difference between this and the PSPgo.

The PSPgo is 5 year old technology that should be cheaper. and i have a PSPgo. its really good piece of tech, its what i believe in my opinion, should of been what the PSP should of been, but not worth the penny due to the price.

the move will most likely cost around the price of a Dualshock 3. you will most likely pay 50-60 dollars for both a nunchuck and the controller. thats about the same price as a wii-mote with the nunchuck.

as for the bundle with the eye, its a great starter pak. if you dont have the PS eye yet, wait till that comes out, or buy one now. it will make your buy cheaper to purchase if you buy the eye now.

IdleLeeSiuLung3358d ago

Max two players with Moves and sub-controller (nunchuk) or four with just the Moves.

This means in some experiences it is even more limited than the Wii.

Reasons to get this is getting fewer... I will buy it, but wait for the inevitable price drop or for the killer app.

Pillage053358d ago

I'm thinking the most anyone would ever need is 4 moves and 2 subs...but yeah that is still going to be expensive. Until I see a better reason to invest..I won't (Although I am a sucker for rail shooters :D )

On a side note, if we end up getting Mii's too...I may make a move to pc gaming only lol.

lokiroo4203358d ago

So how many "hardcore" gamers are going to claim they dont already have half of what the move bundle package is?

vhero3357d ago

Wii controls are super expensive for the whole lot as is this so big deal! Honestly though you only need 1 PS eye per 4 controllers with the wii you need 4 motion plus.

HolyOrangeCows3357d ago

Controllers aren't incredibly cheap.

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Dukeoffl3358d ago

wow, this so different from the wii.......not.

brandynevils3358d ago

yeah tye are all pointless, game controllers is all i need and not this motion bull.

Kahlanamnel3358d ago

With the Camera it is a bit different. But man...those demo's yesterday didn't look much better than the wii

stoppre3358d ago

Will the camera make that much of a difference?

tplarkin73358d ago

Sony must like throwing money away. The Wiimote was a cheap novelty.

siyrobbo3358d ago

so far sonys offering has been a bit crap, bowling-table tennis-boxing-archery, its all been done before

i sincerely hope that ms doesnt come along showing off the same stuff, MS sports, 360 play etc

Pillage053358d ago

The camera adds a third dimension...but other than not much different than the wii. One thing I will say that will be better that sense it is the camera making the observation of where the ball is....the move will be better about pointing away from the screen. If you've played a wii game where you have to point, youve seen how it freaks out when the controller can't see the infrared. This should be no/or less of an issue.

Still, not very excited about this. It's a waste of time this late into the console cycle. Also is no one worried about balance issues in online games like socom 4. Hopefully they aren't allowed for online play. :S That would be kind of like letting half of the people use keyboard and mouse.

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stoppre3358d ago

This is kind of crazy once you sit down and think about it. Really expensive!

smashly3358d ago

exactly, supposed to be for the casual but the price just keeps on going up. I love the PS3 and how the price of everything went down for a bit but to play this with friends add another $100+ to it.

stoppre3358d ago

Yeah. natal is sounding better price wise at this point

SoapShoes3358d ago

Hmmmm, perhaps because it HAS NO PRICEPOINT? Yeah, PS4 is sounding better as well.

Kahlanamnel3358d ago

MS already said Natal will be 100 or less. so IS sounding better price wise.

rexus123453358d ago

I have a couple friends who already own ps3 all said they are willing to pay $100 for this toy

SoapShoes3358d ago

I'll wait until official pricing comes and if that is true it still sounds worse. Natal with no games for $100... Well, add some extra for a game then. But then again we don't have any details on Natal, so how could we compare? Heck, we barely have any details on the Move, we don't know how many different starter pack bundles they'll have.

Arnon3357d ago

Lol it still sounds worse? :/

Natal is one peripheral, and will require absolutely NO MORE add-on accessories. That in my eyes, is a solid win. Games are subjective to the player. You don't have to buy games, when a blockbuster or gamefly is right around the corner.

Honestly, the only thing that should be compared are the price points of the actual accessories being sold, not it's games.

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Nicholas Cage3358d ago

i payed 600 bucks for my ps3 at launch i can easily afford this, im getting it cause its sony,lol sound stupid but i play bass and you know quality when u hear it play it.

Kahlanamnel3358d ago

you sir are in the minority on this one.

stoppre3358d ago

Yeah...there is no way i am paying 800 plus for a ps3 and all that move crap

evilmonkey5013358d ago

c'mon dude. 299+100=800? You must be doing Obamacare math...

SKGamer3357d ago

If you're trying to get into the gaming market fresh, and want the core gaming experience AND the Move stuff, yeah you would easily rack up 800.

$300 - system
$300 - Move controllers
$165 - Additional Dualshocks
$60 - New Game

That's $825 for the system, controllers and first game. That's not counting the additional costs if you want to get a headset for online (which I have), an HDMI cable for full-quality visuals (which I have), and of course the additional software you eventually get.

Gaming is a very expensive hobby.

evilmonkey5013357d ago

my friends will have to play with me from their own house now! lol...

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Kahlanamnel3358d ago

They should have just made the Sub Controller Motion activated but put a on/Off switch on it.