Fable Creator Making Content People "Don't Care About"

ResumePlay writes: Fable II might have sold fairly well, but famed developer Peter Molyneux (the creator) had some discouraging things to say about it. "We're creating content that people literally don't care about," said Molyneux.

The comment was in response to a Microsoft study, which found that a majority of Fable 2 users understood less than half of the game's features. Molyneux was speaking with Joystiq about the upcoming Fable 3, and fortunately, went into details about how he plans to make the new RPG more relevant.

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GiantEnemyCrab3774d ago

Are you sure they didn't understand? Or maybe they just found them utterly useless much like the CoOp/Multiplayer mode or having a child.

TheHater3774d ago

I found to need to have a child in Fable 2, not need for multiplayer because idiots come in your world and kill everyone leaving you to pay the fine.

SKGamer3774d ago

Probably was a little of both. Things like the inventory system and map stuff might have just been too cluttered, while some features were probably just useless or extraneous, like you said.

I haven't played 2, but I'd like to at some point. Couldn't drop $60 for what I heard was a 12-hour game. Probably worth it now that its dropped to like 20-30. If 3 is better I'll give it a spin earlier.

BattleAxe3774d ago

I think the creator of the game has something wrong with him.

StanLee3774d ago

You have to give it to the guy, he's always introspective about his games. People see him as a bit of a flake but he's enthusiastic about making games and many times, he has great ideas he wants to implement but the development process and technology doesn't really afford him that opportunity and in the end, it rests on him; he over promised. But you have to appreciated his creativity and his enthusiasm. For God's sake, he made Black and White.

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mau643774d ago

man, I love this guy's quotes.

smashly3774d ago

I'm still hopeful it will be a good game

brandynevils3774d ago

i'm sure it will be. He overshoots his goals but they still turn out pretty good.

stoppre3774d ago

Peter over do something.... NO WAY!

Dukeoffl3774d ago

i know I don't care anymore

mau643774d ago

I'm just gonna say I'm a little skeptical...

Ziriux3774d ago

I'm sick of Peter, Fable is on it's last life line with me.

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The story is too old to be commented.