PlayStation Move: Developers dairy 2de Trailer

Sony released just a fresh Second trailer of the Developers dairy where the Developers give there opinion for the PlayStation move controller.

Blackcanary5208d ago

I like developers diary's. It give you a lot of in sight which more company's would do this.

Lumbo5207d ago

dairy ? Is this something about milk and cheese ?

Studio-YaMi5207d ago

Man now that's one effin typo right their haha!


A Sonic Unleashed Remaster Is Long Overdue

Still remembered as one of the best Sonic games of all time, I believe it's time Sonic Unleashed gets its overdue remaster after Sonic x Shadow Generations.

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-Foxtrot1d 13h ago (Edited 1d 13h ago )

I think it's best we leave these games we're they belong...in the past

Secret Rings, Unleashed, Black Knight etc, they weren't the best at least enough for a remaster

Generations is getting one because they had something easy to shove Shadow into before the Sonic 3 film and it's probably the better ones they've did over the past decade or so.

rayford1511h ago

Unleashed was one of my favorite P3 games would love a remastered version

Redgrave10h ago

Would be called.... Sonic Re-Leashed

Father__Merrin32m ago

Wouldn't mind a sonic 06 re release


Brace Yourselves, Tarnished: Revisiting the Greatest Soulsborne Boss Battles - Part I: Dark Souls

With Elden Ring's DLC Shadow of the Erdtree coming this month, JDR takes a look back at the greatest Soulsborne bosses. To start with, those of Dark Souls.

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Top 10 Games Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Last Word on Gaming takes a look at ten games who treat mental health issues as respectfully and seriously as they ought to be in real life.

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