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Has Sony's "Move" Impressed You?

With Sony revealing more details about their new motion controller, now called the "Playstation Move", are you impressed with what you've seen? We already knew details about it before, but with the new information Sony announced today about it, do you think it is a revolution on Sony's part, or simply a way to cash in on Nintendo's market?

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Vincent VII3797d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Enough with the Move articles already...
Immortal Kaim3797d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
The story is too old to be commented.
Godmars2903797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I think the fighting game would be better as part of a bigger game, say a Yakuza title, as someone in the PS camp was expecting something more even for launch games. The shooter game especially.

Genesis53797d ago

I think it will really be big when they pair it with 3D gaming. Then we really will be in the next generation of gaming.

NateNater3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Exactly. 3D and accurate motion controls could be amazing if done right. And Sony usually does things right....because they only do everything ;)

@ Godmars
I believe Sony will implement their motion controls into bigger games. There's a lot of potential for that. Just give it some time.

sinncross3797d ago

Why so some people think that the games shown are the only launch titles?
For instance, Ape Escape was neither shown or talked about. The GDC showing was just a technology demonstration that is all: that is the purpose of GDC.

Also why do some think that pre-alpha stage demos are indicative of what the controller is able to achieve? Nothing shown was even final and considering that the table tennis game seemed to be as accurate ad responsive, if not more so then the Nintendo Wii, shows the potential the controller has.

E3 is where everyone should be looking towards at where we will see more final-product esque demos shown. If demos are still not that impressive then fair enough I'll be able to understand the concern... for now it just a showcase of what the controller can do.

Mr_Bun3797d ago

I'm too busy being impressed with Sony's exclusives to notice their motion controllers

ThanatosDMC3797d ago

Imagine 1:1 Fight Night!!!

morganfell3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Absolutely. Our hands on with it makes it easy to see where they are going. As a development implementation we were thrilled to see the new software. The lag issues appear sometimes on the stations on the main floor. But when calibrated properly it is amazing with zero lag. These issues are still occurring as the software has yet to mature. They have about 7 months to nail that and I don't see that being a problem at all.

The reason I say that versus the natal issues is we have used it and Move works exactly 1:1 so we know it is easily possible. It's a proven concept. Hardcore gamers are going to be floored when they see some of the unannounced items coming down the line.

IrishAssa3797d ago

It would have to be a first person game with 3-d, then the sword fights would be good, the problem it though that if your sword is blocked in the game, it's not in real liffe, and your arm will continue with the swing whereas the sword should not

King_of _the_Casuals3797d ago

Although impressive in it's own right...I think Sony is making a huge mistake by making it "LOOK" similar to the Wii. Many major mass market news outlets, MTV, CNN, FOXNEWS, etc... are calling it a Wii clone. That's not gonna drum up excitement among the casuals.

We may know the MOVE is A LOT better but with simple comments like that, the casuals won't.

rockleex3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Full facial recognition + headtracking PS Eye:

When I say full facial recognition, I TRULY mean it. It can detect your age, gender, whether you're smiling or not, how much your mouth/eyes are open or closed, etc.

Voice recognition on PS Eye:

Now imagine playing Demon's Souls 2, Killzone 3, GT5, The Last Guardian, Monster Hunter 4, God Eater 2, etc with all these tech combined!!!

Godmars2903797d ago

Is if they did an on-rails shooter like SteelGunner, Starblade or LA Cops with updated graphics. Re-did them using the Unreal Engine.

Rhythmattic3797d ago

I'll have fun using the MOVE (orb) as a "option".

Same as Natal........ An Option.

Ju3796d ago

Naturally I was impressed, but well, I thought it's just a HD Wii, party games with utilizing a HD console; but it ads a lot to what the Wii does with the added precision (e.g. the table tennis game).

I saw the Socom4 presentation. What floored me was, that you can now define way points for your swat. Try that with a controller. You basically have a 3D mouse and you can command your team to follow that path. That's quite awesome.

I have to try it out. Using a pointing device in 3D space, without resting your hand/wrist makes the aiming "real", but kind of hard (and jerky). That might be very interesting, but also tiresome over time. If they do it right, there will be no closer to real experience to use the Move, though.

Also, using a pointing device does not allow for fast head rotation. Because you cannot rotate the character when you move the controller instantly, you have to wait until it hits the edge of the TV (with some rubber band effect). So, naturally, this will generate some lag there (not from a technical perspective, but from a gameplay perspective). I can imagine, playing a shooter will require some adjustments.

blu_yu_away3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

On a technical level, yes. I am impressed at how accurate the controller appears to be. On an implementation level, no. Most of the games shown looked like shovelware for the most part and the fact that the fighting game was gesture based is disappointing. The controller itself though has come through. Now its time for developers to deliver something that interest me enough to buy it.

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rucky3797d ago

So by bot logic it's YES then?

Wrathman3797d ago

id say, a little.but not enough.i just cant see it reaching nintendos market.especially when you factor in the price of just the ps3.the only market this could reach or appeal to is,current ps3 owners.sure it may be another reason to buy a ps3.but i highly doubt a ps2 owner or a wii owner has been sittin on the fence undecided bout buying a ps3 til motion control comes out for it.peripherals is a niche market in itself.and sellin peripherals will be hard enough on the ps3 considering how every month game sales are a virtual non-entity in the charts around the world.even in ps3 dominated japan,you maybe see 2 ps3 games in the top-ten.

60 million people already own a wii.the market is how does ps'move' stand out?

Nicholas Cage3797d ago

but move is impressing millions of gamers and in my opinion will outsell the wii? say what? yea u heard me.

NateNater3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

PS3 will eventually outsell the Wii anyway. Motion controller or not. Wii doesn't have a 10 year (or more) life span like PS3.

But yea, I'm pretty excited for PlayStation Move as well. It's not a rip-off of Wii. Its just competition. And its about time someone gave Wii a run for their money.

mastiffchild3797d ago

I just think it's looking like being WAY too expensive for the crowd they're aiming it at. Don't get me wrong it WILL work and work well and they'll make the software to prove it-Sony always do as long as their hearts are in something-but if no one buys it because they price themselves out of the market then what IS the point?

I was most concerned about the lack of the nunchuck device and now that's sorted out they hit me with their bundle content and pricing errors! They NEED two wamnds and a sub per kit and need to seel it, with a mini game collection to show it off for no more than £50 without the Eyecam and £60 with it. Individual controllers should be no more than £25 and sub controllers no more than £8(considering the lack of the l;evel of tech in a Nintendo 'chuck I see no reason for it to be any more expensive than that). Even at those prices it's STILL the most expensive motion controls available so cheaper would be better but they aren't EVEN getting it to us AT these prices. they have some trouble ahead with it as people will baulk at the cost of a PS3 AND at the cost of Move compared to both Wii and 360/Natal and then won't people think that they might end up with no support when too few gamers do buy move? risky times and you have to wonder just where Sony do their market research on pricing. Do they only ask oil magnates and Russian oligarchs?

It's a shame as it's going to be a lot more pleasing to use than the wioi buit at the price they;re setting i'm scared that if I buy a controller or two I might be among a very small and unsupportable number who actually bother doing so-at these prices at least.Say buying Move adds £100 to what you already put out for a PS3. You're looking at £400 just to play what most people will see as an HD Wii and are casuals bothered enough about HD to shell out what amounts to £200 extra? even the PS3/Move bundles look lke lacking enough controllers and if they don't also come with a DS3 there's even more cost and less "out of the box" functionality, Seriously, I think they might have shot themselves n the foot, yet again, over pricing issues.

RedVsBlue3797d ago

So when Sony copies someone its simply competition but when Microsoft does the same thing as Sony its evil copying. Ah fan boys

mastiffchild3797d ago

Firstly, they all rip each other off and everyone should realise that and secondly, Sony were experimenting with tech similar to what Wii ended up using well before the Revolution ws announced. hell, they were prolly both at it! there's vids abvailable that show them dong it too but as a lot of people have linked them this week I won't bother.

Point is everyone copies anything that works and even when it's something apparently clear like MS fans saying trophies are achievements by another name it isn't black and white as R&C have had the very similar Skill Points for 9 years or so! Seriously, it's not worth worrying about and if someone says it is just ignore them for the ignorant bums they clearly are!

Silly gameAr3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

How many more people are going to make that same comment? Yes, it's obvious that Move is a Wii rip off, just like Natal was influenced by the PS EyeToy.

Do you or the people commenting plan on buying Move? No? Than let the people who are be excited about it, just like some people are excited about Natal.

Me personally? I'm not impressed by the Move, but my interest is peaked. Show me something other than what has been shown, and I might get on board. Until then, my money is supporting games that deserve it.

duplissi3797d ago

well, to be fair sony isnt actually copying nintendo. sony has had move since 2004, but they put it on the backburner (thought motion didnt have enough appeal.) and when nintendo came alone with a similar tech and freakin hit the sweet spot sony put move back into high gear.

just watch this vid from ps2 era.

MajestieBeast3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

This video shows how accurate it is.

peeps3797d ago

hadn't seen that video before, looks good.

Meryl3797d ago

flipin heck, no lag!! ps move is very impressive, I can't wait to play on it!!

drtanuyn3797d ago

tushay kind sir, tushay

NateNater3797d ago

Holy crap! More people must see this video! That was amazing! I'm now sold on the PS Move

Cenobia3797d ago

Was he starting to draw Mario at the end?

I have no sound so they might have made a joke about it...

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