Durban DevLAN March Report: Full of win or epic fail?

Oliver from El33tonline writes:

"On March 6th 2010 (also known as 'last week Saturday'), a group of like-minded individuals, professional and enthusiast software developers alike and all passionately interested in disciplines related to the development of computer and videogames, gathered at an undisclosed location (CTI's campus in Durban North… 59 Adelaide Tambo Drive) to discuss their common interests in this exciting field.

Little did we (I) know that everyone would soon have their faces glued to their monitors and their hands stuck to their computer peripherals (some nice imagery there) in an effort to create a mini-game masterpiece in under eight hours.

At the beginning of the day, this garbage bin was empty. By the end of the day, it would be overflowing with discarded junk food wrappers and condiments - a diet of saturated fats and caffeine was our fuel.

The clock was ticking and there were games to be made."

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