Oscar Nominated Films vs Blockbuster Video Games

Gamer Limit writes "In respect to the Academy Award nominees, I've decided to roll out the red carpet and match our favorite video games to an Oscar nominated film. With an array of AAA games gracing our consoles and PCs, and the high quality production of films hitting the big screen, there's no shortage of film to game counter-parts."

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DangerCurtis4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is barley a flicker of a flame in comparison to to Avatar. We're comparing a $2 billion dollar, highest grossing film, using 3D technology to a game that doesn't do anything revolutionary in comparison.

proudly_X4761d ago

Avatar was made for 500 million pounds..
thank you..
Avatar is simply overrated. The American press can make or break anything...

bruddahmanmatt4761d ago

Amazing that internet. You can pull the biggest pieces of crap out of your backside, slap it onto a page and label it "worth reading". "Which performance dominates the streets of the Middle East?" I'm sorry but the author of this crap is an idiot who knows nothing about film, nothing about games and nothing about the Middle East. Stick to playing scrub Activision games.

Aaroncls74761d ago

Nice read, many games are worthy of higher praise; praise that they do not get from every gaming person or respected news site.

Videogames are art, (8th art?) some of the most special titles are genuine masterpieces worthy of a crystal urn and nighttime security.

It is a matter of generations, I think. In the future this industry will most likely be appreciated as more than a money making mechanism and get more gallant ceremonies than the hideous VGA awards. Or it may just spiral down further and never get to a higher standard of artistic appreciation.

Maker preserve us.

StartWars4761d ago

Hurt Locker is far better then Modern Warfare.

Jorrel564761d ago

Anything is better than MW

Rocket Sauce4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Well they both have sand in them, so they're pretty similar...I guess...right?

NeoBasch4760d ago

The Hurt Locker is full of win. Epic is an understatement. Just as Uncharted 2 was clearly GotY, the Hurt Locker was the best film of 2009. Couldn't expect any better.

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JQ4761d ago

I like the side by side image structure. :D

starmin764761d ago

Seriously, Avatar's storyline was lame and unoriginal, with horrible written characters. Mass Effect 2 has an amazing cast of characters, a well written story, and emotional depth.

blu_yu_away4761d ago

Avatar is Pocahontas in space with shiny tech that makes everyone forget how lame and unoriginal the story actually is.

Yuenanimous4761d ago

It's also Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, Fern Gully... Pretty much any movie where a white guy lives amongst "primitive" people and some how he is the only one who can save em from the oppression he represents...

kwyjibo4761d ago that there are too many Avatars and not enough Hurt Lockers.

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