Joystiq: Sports Champions Hands-On

You might think it derisive to call Sports Champions (working title) the Wii Sports of PlayStation Move, but it's really intended as a compliment. Although the collection of sports-themed games are relatively simple, they adequately highlight the Move's motion-sensing capabilities and, most importantly, how they're distinguished from those offered by the Wii (something that another Move game, The Shoot, did not do). Like Wii Sports, Sports Champions seems good at selling you on the hardware's abilities -- and what they might mean in more elaborate games.

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sinncross3142d ago

This will need a lot of different sports and it could be a very promising starter title for the Move.

SO far it seems like only table tennis has split screen multiplayer but Sony will definitely want to be adding as much offline and online functionality into his as they can.

On another note, table tennis looks like a lot of fun. I hope Sony makes a full fledged title of the sport post launch of the PS Move.