PS3 motion controller fails to Move

Financial Times: Sony has failed to market its motion technology to maximum effect and its launch of its Move motion controller for the PlayStation 3 on Wednesday represents it arriving late to the current-generation game and with little new to offer.

The demonstrations were unimpressive. It was hard to see how this was much of an advance on the motion-sensing gameplay currently offered by Nintendo.

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Darkfiber3768d ago

Um yup, pretty much. No one asked for this. No one wants this. I hope they're not surprised that it doesn't sell.

lokiroo4203768d ago

Bu bu bu bu,, lol, gtfo

Godmars2903768d ago

No one was asking for Natal yet we're getting it. We've also got people within the industry talking them up and fanboys ready to use them only on their systems.

Saying so anyway.

N4PS3G3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )


*cough* Blog.FT means Financial Times *cough*

*cough* Prestigious British international business newspaper with readership of 1.3 million people of the world’s leading business news organizations *cough*

Hint: Research ;)

RememberThe3573768d ago

Not every opinion is displayed on N4G. Microsoft and Sony wouldn't have made the investment if focus groups didn't respond to the idea of motion controllers. Regular people want this and they're getting it.

lokiroo4203768d ago

SO n4ps3g you agree that they know nothing about what theyre speaking of, ok at least you agree.

3768d ago
N4PS3G3768d ago

oh so you need to work at a gaming specific site to know about gaming? lol

They attended the event,they saw the device in action and played with about you? :)

So they know more than everyone in this site that haven't seen even less touch the device :)

I lol at random internet people deciding who knows about videogames and who doesn't the end Playstation move is not a game is a device/technology and they own have a tech you were saying? ;)

lokiroo4203768d ago

Do you go to a baker to fix your car? Why would you listen to some financial website about video games? You were saying?

Tinted Eyes3768d ago

N4PS3G your trying to hard, im glad not all xbox 360 fanboys arent dedicated like you are this whole site would be trash

CadDad3768d ago

"If Move is a better class of motion controller on a higher quality platform and available at a reasonable price, Sony may find it has a hit on its hands if games can be made compelling with Move integration.

A motion controller was something Sony had to introduce to stay competitive with Nintendo and Microsoft. With 3D gaming also coming exclusively to the PS3 later this year, it is significantly boosting its armoury in the console wars." -Article

I can quote two paragraphs also.


green3768d ago

So how do you play the boxing/fighting game if you only have one wand?How do you move forward in a game if you have 2 wands without the nunchuk?One wand + nunchuk wont even allow you to use 2 hands to box because the nunchuk does not have a giro or that ball for the camera to track.

It seems like to get the full experience, you just have to buy the camera, an extra wand and a nunchuk , which seems like it would cost alot.Sony better bundle 2 wands + 1 nunchuk together because it is going to cause confusion for a lot of consumers.

Antan3768d ago

"So they know more than everyone in this site that haven't seen even less touch the device :)"

I`ve played it.

xTruthx3768d ago

lol more blogs submitted by N4PS3G, hes right tho loki. I usually go to the dentist and ask him about my computers at home, cus their related......../s lol.

Anorexorcist3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Partialized, blind media FTMFL!

Anon19743768d ago

Back in August of last year the Financial Times did another anti-PS3 piece where they pretty much lied about console sales to try to make it look like the PS3 hadn't been outselling the 360 for the past 3 years. They painted the PS3 as a "high priced" nightmare that was "struggling" against the Xbox 360 when a quick check of official sales data would have disproved this. I hardly think the Financial Times doesn't have the wherewithal to check readily available, official sales data before writing a piece like this.

And now, here they are again making asses of themselves, falling all over trying to make Sony look bad. Failing to market? It's not even out until the end of the year. Late coming out? Isn't this due out before Natal?

It's hard to take his criticisms seriously when he's comparing this to Natal and Natal hasn't shown us anything yet.

Seriously. This isn't the first time the Financial Times have gone out of their way to make Sony look bad. What gives?

The Wood3768d ago

when i need consulting about my stds

3768d ago
nnotdead3768d ago

i agree with you here. a lot of the demos showed the use of two Moves or with the nunchuck thing. thougfh Wii has this same problem. if Move ends up being successful then Sony make more money on extra controllers to sell.

edgeofblade3768d ago

Eh? I actually think Sony is doin' a solid here. The proof is going to be in the pudding, but for now, I would still put my money on Move being superior to any other motion tech out there.

Anon19743768d ago

The PS3 "finally" gets a hit.
Slim is doing well, but is it enough?
PS3 motion controller fails to Move
First impressions of the PS3 “Slim” - where he calls into question the quality of PS3 games.
There's an article the same guy does where HD-DVD is the Spartans and Blu-Ray the evil Persians.

...and countless other articles about how Sony can't compete from this guy.

I thought I remembered this guy for some reason. He's had a serious chip on his shoulder against Sony for sometime now.

Ah. Here we go. Check out his summary on journalisted.

Chris Nuttall by numbers...
* 812 articles (since January 2008)
Chris Nuttall has written...
* More about 'microsoft' than anything else

He's a Microsoft shill. Nothing to see here, folks.

table3768d ago

I find the media response to the sony move controller nothing short of disgusting. Even IGN got in on the hate act. I'm not even interested in the product but I fail to see how when dony does motion control it's a fail but when nintendo and microsoft do it is revolutionary. This hate is beyond ridiculous.

gaffyh3768d ago

I actually liked that conference, most of the games seemed to respond well, that Motion Fighters seemed to be the only one with issues, and you could tell it was FAR from complete.

The thing that I really liked was the warrior fighting game they showed first, that looked really good. Also I wanted to see the one with the torch, but they didn't show that. If this turns out to be well supported, I may be able to get rid of my Wii once and for all.

Weaksauce11383768d ago

Did any of you knee jerk reactory fanboys even read the article? He speaks praise for the device if Sony can properly support it with worthy titles which is absolutely true. They didnt show anything worth substance though so yes, right now it fails to "move".


Your analogy is fail unless when you look for a movie recommendation you call up your local VCR repairman.

beardpapa3768d ago

Hey! Chris Nuttall can be pronounced as Chris Natal!

Genki3768d ago

Getting your car repaired is a service that strictly requires someone with first hand knowledge and certification. It's a job, an assigned task.

However, gaming is a hobby. Last time I checked, there wasn't a rule book or ten ancient tomes stating what qualifications one must have to state an OPINION on something, and that's the part you can't seem to grasp.

I know you do grasp it though, you're probably just being stubborn because the subject matter isn't to your liking, like many others here. I see this type of thing a lot, although I hardly post anymore, along the lines of "Screw that site, what do they about gaming!?" when the aforementioned site doesn't agree with the author of the comment.

I'd bet a dime to a dollar you would sing a different tune if Financial Times, or whomever, was teeming with excitement about this peripheral. In fact...that's something I've witnessed here too. "ZOMG, EVEN Yahoo knows what a great game/product/whatever this is! See how amazing it is!?"

In any case, I sincerely doubt that you, and others like yourself, would decry this site or others like it if they were more optimistic about the Move.

I'll say this much, I'm personally very excited for the move and can't wait to try it out on shooters, and if it works well with RTS games, I'll be praying that StarCraft 2 hits the PS3 so I can enjoy it on my LCD as well. My disagreeing with this article doesn't have to mean that these people are irrelevant. Opinions are subjective, deal with it. Agree to disagree, their words don't mean you won't get to play with your precious new peripheral.

I know I'm still buying it.

lokiroo4203768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

No I would go to gaming websites, who are you know, specifically interested in video games, and you know have first hand experience outside of demoing demos at a trade show, and you know dont attract visitors to your website with ridiculous headlines in areas outside of you know, their expertise.

ico923768d ago

move along people

*looks at contributer*

suprise ,suprise

FamilyGuy3768d ago

It wasn't "launched" on Wednesday...

Aaroncls73768d ago



Isn't it funny, how people fight and hate on behalf of higher powers that could care less about you as an individual? You don't get paid or rewarded by flaming PS Move or Natal, and if you really think one of them is better, then surely that's the one you are buying, right? Then be happy with what ur getting and save your opinions for those who care!

Still, equip your nerd hats and flaming shields. This war is far from over.

ps: Natal is an Eyetoy ripoff, kek!

Genki3768d ago

...Again I ask, where are these resources you apparently know so much about that detail what sort of "experience and expertise" one must have to give an opinion about a hobby? A recreational activity for crying out loud. That's what a lot of you self-proclaimed "hardcore gamers", a title many seem to be proud of for whatever reason, don't seem to understand, and you take this stuff far too seriously.

Would the headline be ridiculous to you if it said, "Playstation Move impresses at GDC"? Somehow I don't think you would care.

Stop worrying so much about blogs and so-called media outlets, they will say what they're gonna say. Are you gonna buy the product? Well great. Did these folks change your mind? Apparently not. So where's the harm and the foul? Who cares what they say.

For the record, I think they happen to be shortsighted in their outlook of the Move, but oh well, you can't win them all. As I said earlier, I'm still buying it and I have every intention of enjoying it. The fact remains, however, that these folks witnessed the presentation and used the product, so like a commenter above me previously said, they do indeed know more and have that coveted experience you spoke of earlier, so they have every right to post their opinions on the subject. What can you say about the Move, based on your presence at GDC and time using it?

BattleAxe3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago ) = Microsoft Fanboy and Moron

@ N4PS3G,

You should get that "cough" checked out.

ChozenWoan3768d ago

OnLive cloudy with a chance of pitfalls
Financial Times, Wednesday 10 March

OnLive’s ‘cloud’ gaming to rival console groups
Financial Times, Wednesday 10 March

If that's what you call a gaming expert then so is my friends 9 week old puppy.

Moving along... I've had my fill of joke articles today.

leeger3768d ago

i was honestly unimpressed

jack_burt0n3768d ago

WOW n4ps3g u are working hard, shame its not working you seem to be the last microsoft employee left on here with a job lmao :) sad stuff why dont you post pro natal articles!?.............

vhero3768d ago

when are they gonna start banning blogs other than official dev blogs on here?? These things are opinions people not FACTS..

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yoghurt3768d ago

And here comes the whole new wave of sony hate....

bring it on, you'll only eat crow again

Simon_Brezhnev3768d ago

Yep your right the PS3 is now doomed again because of the Move.

hoops3768d ago

And the Wii got that Hate when it launched because of motion motion control is loved LOL

thereapersson3768d ago

You may have a point, but if the pattern repeats itself chronologically, we'll have to wait another few years before any eating of crow will commence.

Ju3768d ago

Well, its easier to spread FUD about somebody who actually showed something than about something nobody saw, right ?

But these sub-official responses amazes me still - makes you think there is more than just random rant going on.

vhero3768d ago

"Yep your right the PS3 is now doomed again because of the Move. " exactly they did the same thing with bluray when HD-DVD was around and erm... how did that turn out again?? Bluray lost right?? Oh no wait...

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Raf1k13768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Whoever submitted this obviously used the two most negative paragraphs from the page to give the wrong impression to those who don't bother to read the article.

It may not be a great blog post but it's not all negative.

edit: I don't really get how Sony is going to get the Wii crowd with this TBH. Casual gamers with a Wii are likely to see this as just another Wii type controller and will find moving to Natal to be the more natural migration path.

nnotdead3768d ago

i can only see one way. the man of the house buys a nice new HDtv and then wants a cool new blu ray to go with it. looks at what the PS3 can do, and he sees the games his kids and wife enjoys will be on the PS3 as well. he gets blu ray (plus any game that might interest him) and the wife and kids get to continue playing the type of games they enjoy.

i guess two ways? maybe people who have a PS3 and may have been looking at getting a Wii now wont need to.

infamousinfolite3768d ago

That actually could happen I mean not does the PS3 play Blu-ray movies it also comes with casual games and a controller that will be a hit with kids

nnotdead3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

well yeah it could happen thats why i said it. im not going to say it will work or fail. i have no clue how people will respond to Move, or how well Sony and third party developers can produce games using Move.

i just happen to agree with Raf. Move could help get a few new people or keep others from buying a Wii, but im not sure how many people who own a Wii will look at Move as a must buy.

though i do think the Natal comment Raf made isnt completely true either. maybe M$ being able to market Natal as a great new device may get people over, but i think Natal and Move share a lot of the same obstacles the need to over come.

Nitrowolf23768d ago

expect allot of these articles in the coming months

Absolut_Turkey3768d ago

Didn't actually read the article did you?

lloyd_wonder3768d ago

Wow. The same majority buying wii's are soo concerned about this... /s