PC MAG: God Of War III Review

It is a fact of the universe that every review of a God of War game is going to have the word "epic" in its opening sentences, and this review is no different. God of War III ($59.99, list, PS3 only) is colossal, bigger-than-life, and redefines the limits of video game scale-it's epic in both plotline and technical prowess. The opening moments of the game have more action and high drama than some other games' climaxes, as the player-controlling the very bald, very pale, and very angry Kratos-rides to conquer Mount Olympus on the back of a nearly-mountain-sized-herself Titan. Massive set pieces like this are the hallmark of the series, and the series' move to next-gen on the PS3 ($399.99 direct, ) allows them to be truly stunning in scope.

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Nathan Drake23775d ago

why not 5/5?tell me,PC MAG,which hack&slah game is better then gow 3?

himdeel3775d ago

...because they clearly see no other game as a reason to by a PS3. See their final comment on this game. It just seems strange a PC mag or website reviewing a console game. Guess they have nothing else to play :(

So far I haven't read many good reviews for this game and truly beginning to believe I wont. The review I've read are too opinionated with no substance or dripping with fanboi juice. I've been moving ever so steadily to appreciating scoreless review to scored ones.

Either way this is a day one buy and Yakuza 3 are coming home with me on Tuesday.

-Alpha3775d ago

Why are you basing the score on being better than another game? Does it have to get 5/5 to be considered "better"? You are complaining because they didn't give it perfect. Maybe it's not perfect, isn't that a possibility?

mint royale3775d ago

Woah Alpha-male this is n4g leave that sort of talk out of here. Try neogaf if you want to have a discussion.

deadreckoning6663775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

@Himdeel- Why would only ONE game be worth buying a console for? That doesn't make any sense.

@Nathan- Wait, did you just question why a game you haven't played yet is a 4/5 instead of a 5/5 according to one source?


@Darkhouse- Ummm..maybe for you, but not for the rest of us who actually value our money. LOL, I had Uncharted 1, I thought it was good, but I wouldn't buy a PS3 JUST for that! Thats insane.

Darkfocus3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )


Uncharted 1 & R&C:TOD was reason enough to own a ps3 let alone the games that came after them.

ya seems like it's the first Ps3 exclusive they've played.

thereapersson3775d ago

For one, the PS3 doesn't cost 399.99 anymore...

-Alpha3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Lol. It's a PC gaming magazine, what did you expect? In the grand scheme of things their article is probably worthless anyway.

Oldsnake0073775d ago

Why is a PC site reviewing a PS3 exclusive. It doesnt make any sense.

evrfighter3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

well when you get down to it. pc gamers have money to burn by saving so much money on pc games :)

alot of them own a ps3 yet don't buy games for it. This site is merely informing its user base that gow3 would be worth their money. That's if they are able to pry them away from bad company 2 :)

soljah3775d ago

and btw i hope when sc and alan wake release some Sony fans get a hold of them and put spoilers all over the xbox forums and youtube comments to ruin the game. like whats happened to gow3 and hr.

evrfighter3775d ago

meh you could have a conversation about sc2's ending before I played it. I could care less about the singleplayer campaign.

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A change in the wind3775d ago

Good score from PC MAG. What are they doing reviewing PS3 games anyway?

Basil-Rathboner3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

They are reviewing ps3 games so they can use the opportunity to talk $h!t about the competition.

Evidence -- Read the last paragraph.

EDIT --- In fact don't give them the web hits.

They essentially finish off their review by using the same old tried and trusted bs phrase of ps3 finally gets a game to justify the consoles purchase.

Micro$oft p!$$ off and leave the game industry before you corrupt and ruin it even further.

The real killer3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Why, because no other PC games cannot match this game :)
Like me, i'm 100% pc gamer and i really have respect for those developers from Sony Santa Monica, first Killzone 2, than Uncharted 2 and now GOW 3, this is also the reason i have a PS3 and i see allot of PC game and no single one cannot match this one, i'm just impress just like my fellow PC gamers.

That of little blackbox is brute.

Dead_Cell3775d ago

Kratos isn't pale, those are ashes.


snowb4203775d ago

Wait, what? They actually said he's pale? lol...I'm not gonna read it, I've already had to much spoiled on this game...Don't want to risk anymore...

Somnipotent3775d ago

but the ashes make him pale...

Noob3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"In the end, God of War III brings the series to a stunning climax, finally giving PS3 owners a game-based justification for buying their console."

Really? I guess all those PS3 exclusive games I have been playing must of been my imagination.

FantasyStar3775d ago

The way your post looks. It's as if their comment offended you.

Justin_bristoe3775d ago


The real killer3775d ago

Hahaha, you forget something like Mass Defect 2. I play this game and after 10 hours i sell this game, and they called a RPG game hahahaha.

But i get you point :)

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