NowGamer: The Eye Of Judgement: Legends Review

NowGamer writes: "Persuading someone who likes card trading games that they're designed to be addictive and not to be good in a conventional sense is a bit like trying to persuade a user of hard drugs that the feeling of euphoria they're experiencing is a really, really bad thing. So, if you're reading this because trading card games are your thing, we don't expect you to pay a blind bit of notice when we point out that The Eye Of Judgment isn't a particularly good card game or a particularly good board game."

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callahan093240d ago

Actually, the Eye of Judgment is a ****ing BRILLIANT card game AND board game. The combination possibilities for strategies available with the 300 cards in this game is ENORMOUS and engaging/interesting/fun to conceive and think about. The 9-square grid and the mechanics of the game itself are unique and 100% strategy-oriented. I have not played the PSP version of Eye of Judgment, but I'm a stalwart fan and addict of the PS3 version, and it's one of my favorite card games and board games of all time. It's brilliant through and through. The cards are well-balanced, the mechanics and rules are immaculately conceived, and strategy is encourage and required to an extent you won't get from any other game besides chess. To call the core of this game "not good" is simply false. It doesn't even come down to opinion. It requires complete ignorance to the mechanics and components at hand to conclude that it's not well-designed. The PSP version is, by the way, the same as the PS3 version, but without the necessity to pay money to buy paper-cards and stick them in front of the camera to play (I liked the CCG aspect of the original version personally, but if you just want to be able to play the game without all of that excess, the PSP version is for you).