Inactive Bad Company 2 Servers To Go Offline

In a new statement from DICE, the developer has requested that all game server providers take any servers left inactive for 8 hours offline in order to reduce the server load which has been plaguing the PC version of the game. DICE stressed in the announcement that this is a temporary measure, and will only affect servers who have not seen a single player for over 8 hours.

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solar3771d ago

i dont think DICE/EA expected this much love from the PC user base. they know they would get love, but not to this magnitude.

Pandamobile3771d ago

There are certain games where the PC version will always outsell the console versions.

Valve games are one, Battlefield games are another.

SullyDrake3771d ago

MW2 is broken but at least it's online.

I hope they get it all sorted out soon. BF:BC2 topples MW2.

jessupj3771d ago

Guess they weren't counting on the ammount of people switching over from MW2 to DICE's masterpiece. Not surprising since most PC gamers are hardcore gamers and therefore have much higher standards than P2P online gaming.

I love dedicated servers!!! Thank you DICE for being so awesome.

dirthurts3771d ago

But it may take you a few tries to get into a good game. Or a game at all for that matter. But it's still up. I just got out of a game.
I hope they get it sorted out soon.

retrofly3771d ago

I'm just fed up with the constant disconnects and "unable to find server" problems. (no I'm not talking about when the go down for maintainence)


God_Of_Epicness3771d ago

What's wrong EA? I thought you said DICE was better than Infinty Ward? What's wrong? Modern Warfare 2 killer what???????????????????????

cpuchess3771d ago

Even with the problems it's way better...

God_Of_Epicness3771d ago

No it isn't and i can argue that fact if i am not feeling so tired and sleepy right now after reaching level 70 tenth prestige on MW2.

dirthurts3771d ago

Not played much Bad Company 2. Sounds like you've played Modern Noobfare so much you've not done much of anything else to be honest...

God_Of_Epicness3770d ago

True except for the fact that i've played the BETA and it sucks cos it's harder to kill someone. You don't need 15-20 bullets to kill a guy. You don't need 3 sniper bullets to kill a guy. You don't need 3 seconds for you to knife a guy. You can camp WAY more in BFBC2. Be a sniper and camouflage and you'll get ZERO deaths. LMG's are underpowered. You can't really see a guy from LONG range. The only thing i complain about MW2 is the community. I mean why should you complain about weapons saying "it's overpowered" (1887s) just because you haven't reached the level to have it yet? "noobtubing sucks" just because you get killed too much by it. My point is, you don't complain when a game built doesn't go your way. Hackers? none on PS3. Glitches? i have only faced two which was the care package glitch and the javelin glitch, both of which are patched now. The only thing IW should patch now is the whole community's voice.

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