Highlight's from Sakamoto's GDC lecture

Yoshio Sakamoto, co-creator of Metroid, just finished his lecture at GDC. He spoke about Metroid: Other M, Tomodachi Collection, and Nintendo in general.

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Valay3779d ago

Very interesting stuff about Other M. I'm surprised Sakamoto was so opposed to nunchuck support.

EvilTwin3779d ago

Me too. I wonder why?

But I'm very glad they didn't go 2D or keep Samus on a rail. A 3D game with the "snappy" controls of the 2D Metroids would be a match made in heaven.

n4f3779d ago

most people want a 2d metroid over 3d

EvilTwin3779d ago

Different strokes for different folks, I guess, n4f. If there were a 2D Metroid released tomorrow (c'mon Dread, we know you're out there), I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

But I'm much more interested in a third-person 3D Metroid. Other M will be the first of its kind. I love 2D 'Troid, but I've played them for a long time (and just beat Zero Mission again).

mjolliffe3779d ago

Can't wait for Other M!

lil boy blue3779d ago

still seems lacking w/out nunchuck. I dont think it'll really control well in first person mode but could be fixed easily w/the classic controller

EvilTwin3779d ago

Well, if the last hands-on were correct, there won't BE much control in first person mode. You simply look around, but can't move your feet. The CC wouldn't remedy that.

I'd prefer nunchuck support, too. But this is Sakamoto-san, so I trust him...

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