Fable III Twitter integration revealed

During his panel at GDC 2010, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux revealed that Fable III will include some form of Twitter support. Molyneux discussed the game's experience system, noting that the most important thing in Fable III is to acquire followers. We've heard that before, but then Molyneux said he was going to give the audience a "clue" about a new feature, but that he wasn't allowed to say more. Said Molyneux, "I Twitter now and, you know, I've got followers on Twitter. That's an interesting mechanic, and we integrate that into the Fable experience."

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Dance3767d ago

Molyneux better deliver

Ninji3767d ago

He never does and never will.

plb3767d ago

^^ I dunno MS has been on a role lately..I think they have learned from past mistakes and are finally starting to deliver some quality products.

Ninji3767d ago

He wants his game to win a bunch of awards like Uncharted 2 since that also had twitter integration. Too bad Fable 3 will flop (just like all of the other games on the 360).

plb3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Dumb comment. Games on 360 sell very well. But since you bring up uncharted 2 which is a great game btw how much has that sold so far 3 million? I'd bet money Halo Reach will do that within 24hrs or close to it. Halo ODST did 2 million in 24hrs and I expect Reach to beat that. Both systems have good games, your comment is stupid.

mcnablejr3767d ago



djmindz3766d ago

nothing new Naughty Dog did it

Greywulf3766d ago Show
hoops3766d ago

All motion controls were already done....way back in the Atari days.

RockmanII73766d ago

I'm guessing the more followers you have, the more powerful you are. Since I don't have a lot of followers on twitter, that would suck.

Or maybe everytime you say #Fable3 and try to get Fable 3 a hot topic, you get something in game (and Fable gets free exposure via twitter).

Or maybe you can update your twitter account in game using natal.