Molyneux wants Fable 3 on PC

Molyneux states "I would love to see the Fable franchise on the PC and I think it would be a truly amazing experience on the PC." Is this enough to spark speculation of the creation of a Windows version of the Xbox favorite, or just the hope of a developer who wants more people to play his game?

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Braineater24483773d ago

This would be pretty big. I'd love to see the game on PC

ProjectVulcan3773d ago

Molyneux talks like the first wasnt on I can see this coming on Pc now especially after microsofts recent demonstrations of cross format technology. The only pain would probably stem from GFWL, if it did come then it would most certainly be GFWL.

mephixto3773d ago

Meh... Microsoft will sabatoge his own service (Games for Windows) again saying it's Xbox360 exclusive like Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Alan Wake, etc.

And they keep saying that digital distribution is the future lol.

no_more_trolling3773d ago



wtf r u talking about

CoderDunn3773d ago

I won't hold my breath, but it would be cool.

Darkstorn3772d ago

I'm still pissed the second Fable wasn't on PC. The reason I got a PS3 was because so many of Microsoft's good games were on PC as well (GeoW, Mass Effect, etc.)

Give me Fable 3 on PC or give me death!!!

Gestalt3772d ago

I'm with Darkstorn. Was disappointed that Fable 2 didn't come to PC, hopefully the 3rd one will; the first one was very enjoyable for me, and I loved the Jack of Blades character.

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naznatips3773d ago

I really hope this ends up happening. He was pretty suggestive about it, the way he shied away from his PR people when the question was asked.

bmw693773d ago

I don't understand why this isn't an automatic PC release...

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The story is too old to be commented.