Bioware Surprised By Mainstream Response To Dragon Age

Bioware has told IncGamers that the mainstream response to Dragon Age: Origins came as a surprise to the developer.

Fernando Melo, online producer for the lauded RPG, said the developer never expected the game to reach such a wide audience.

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thetamer3774d ago

It's no surprise it did so well, although when I first saw it I wasn't convinced

Fyzzu3774d ago

I knew it was going to be a great game, but I did genuinely think it'd be a niche thing. I mean, hardcore RPGs are by definition "hardcore"...

Really happy it's got the attention it has, though. It deserves it.

Tony P3773d ago

Yeah, that was strange.

Especially since it is formed and fit to emulate classic PC RPGs. I honestly thought it would pass pretty far under the radar lacking an attractive element to non-RPGers like ME's 3PS combat. But strangely enough...

They have to keep the franchise going for a bit, I'd hope (beyond spin-off expansions). I definitely want to see a bigger, badder, more malleable DA:O 2 sometime in the future.

Maticus3774d ago

Don't underestimate the power of the fantasy genre :P

Leord3774d ago

This came a bit as a shock to me. I remember just hearing of it, seeing ads, but never thought it would be so enthralling.

TheColbertinator3774d ago

Its a great game so it caught on eventually.The most surprising find was the Hot Topic Dragon Age T-shirts

Dragunov3773d ago

I liked the game more than most WRPGs, but its really bad ported to consoles

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