Romance Didn't "Work Out" In Dragon Age Expansion

Bioware has told IncGamers why the romance features in Dragon Age: Origins did not fit well in the expansion.

Online producer Fernando Melo said that although the romance was well-received in Dragon Age was positive, there was no place for it in the upcoming Awakening expansion.

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Fyzzu3777d ago

Sad that it's not in there. It was done better than in most BioWare games in Dragon Age, although it did still feel a bit "grindy" in terms of a focus on giving gifts rather than clever seduction through conversation trees.

At least relationships are still in Awakening, though, even if not with romance added on.

Maticus3777d ago

Real shame, romances in BioWare games are fun

thetamer3777d ago

It always is a shame...

Leord3777d ago

Well, did they actually develop it, or was it never even on the board?