Splinter Cell will "redefine what stealth is"

Max Beland, Creative Director of Splinter Cell Conviction, told GamerZines that his new game will "redefine what stealth is" in an exclusive interview with GamerZines.

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Pennywise3769d ago

I hope they pull it off... but as usual the expected overzealous comments begin.

NeoBasch3767d ago

I have faith, though. Chaos Theory is awesome! One of the best games I've ever played.

blitz06233767d ago

It still won't be as epic as any MGS game.

Arnon3767d ago

I honestly wouldn't even consider MGS4 much of a stealth game, and instead more of an action game. The majority of it's good moments consisted of major action sequences and large fights. There was only like... 2 instances where I actually sneaked around.

Biggest3767d ago

And who's fault is that, Arnon? There is a patch for sneaking through most of the game, just as there is a patch for getting caught sneaking through most of the game. I'm fairly sure it is up to the player how stealthy they want to be.

phosphor1123767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Redefining stealth? Though this is clearly no longer a "stealth" game. Yeah, you hide in shadows, but so did manhunt. It looks like that same "get in the shadows and you're safe" concept, and I don't like that. Give me back my old slow paced SC games o_o...

EDIT: Also, you can't get more stealth than the Thief series.. that game was boss. Yes I said that.. lol.

pimpmaster3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

mgs4 isnt a stealth game, i just recently bought it and have been playig it. the game is just downright broken, i crawl around stealth mode then i go to a diffrent patch of dirt every 2 feet then my camo goes to 55% where instantly anyone looking in my direction will be alerted so then i kill them and run allllll the way back to the start of the map and hide in a corner.. after waiting fo 20 seconds THE GUARDS RUN ALL THE WAY OVER TO WHERE I AM AND FIND ME!so then my only option is to kill all 5 of them which is easily done even on the hardest mode then since everyones dead im just running around cause theres no more soldiers on the map. this is why the game is broken,this is why whenever im detected i reload the game save.

Arnon3767d ago

It's not the fact that there's an emblem for sneaking around, it's the fact that... there's no incentive to except for that emblem at the end of the game. Yeah, it works, but again, there were only like two places I actually felt compelled to try and sneak. Other than that, if I was caught, I'd just mow down everyone.

sonarus3767d ago

Oh so the game is still stealth? From the videos i have seen looked more like a third person shooter to me

Aaroncls73767d ago

"Splinter Cell Conviction is out on Xbox 360 in April."

Also coming out on PC, some are omitting that little detail...

Biggest3767d ago

But that is your gaming personality, bro. I got the sneaking patch the first time through the game. Only later did I even realize there was a patch for Rambo play. Having the option to be Snake or Rambo is a good thing.

phosphor1123767d ago

I'm sorry you aren't good at that game o_o. I've beaten that game on The Boss Extreme and the emblem which consists of beating the game on the highest difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 5 hours.

That game IS a stealth game. You CAN choose to play it as an action/tps. Such an amazing game... god I wish those installs didn't suck though.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3767d ago

but alas...I'm always let down by Ubisoft.

NeoBasch3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Stealth doesn't always entail quiet spaces. Conviction will do a great job with the crowd dynamics, I'm sure. Ever hear of the saying, "hiding in plain sight"? That's what Conviction is attempting to do. I'm not expecting more of the same, ala Chaos Theory, and I don't think anybody else should either. Conviction is a different beast entirely. I can't wait to see how they execute this mechanic. Easily one of my most anticipated games of 2010.

By the way, I didn't mean to rile up the MGS fans with my previous comment. I love MGS just as much. I just happen to like Chaos Theory as well. Oh well...

Eamon3767d ago

To be honest, the stealth in MGS is really different.

Because, in MGS games, if you get caught by enemies, you really get punished because you lose health very easily. That doesn't mean MGS does not want you to attack enemies at all.
So stealth is pretty much forced upon you and the objective of the game is to make the player use his brain. Hence the tactical stealth action.

In SC Conviction, stealth is implemented quite differently. The game feels as though you're supposed to implement stealth to take down enemies (not like MGS where you're supposed to use stealth to get past them).

I guess that's the main difference here. Conviction focuses more on enemy takedowns while MGS focuses more on getting through the area unnoticed.

pimpmaster3767d ago


well you just proved my point. you said u beat it with 0 alerts so obviously when ever you alerted the guards you just reloaded the save game instead of just playing it. you did it for the emblem but i did it cause the games broken. go back and play mgs4 and try beating it stealth mode without loading a save game or shooting people and youll see its impossible.

sparta763767d ago

Lol, so you suck in mgs4 and u say the game
is broken!?

Why won't u go play PAC-man

WildArmed3767d ago

Atm it's this and Peace Walker thats at war in the sleath genre.
I hope they both suceed.
I'm very excited about both

madjedi3767d ago

@1.6 and 1.7 lmao take the game off of don't hurt me mode, and try and mow the enemies down lets see how long you last, get through the game on normal or higher using only cqc, your stun knife and traq rounds then you can talk about the games stealth.

@Pimp yeah if you ran out in the open and shoot at enemies with an unsilenced weapon the alerts will be very frequent, gee who would have thought.

It's unfortunate the 2 of you confused the game with your typical mindless run into a area and kill anything that moves fast paced shooter, where the only count that matters is the body count. Mgs4 does encourage you to look at a situation a bit ahead of time and either pick routes or select priority targets to avoid detection.

But you can decide to be an mindless brute and charge in with guns blazing, instead of using your brain and having some patience, both play styles are available.

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Al Bundy3769d ago

Didn't they say that years ago before MGS4 sent Splinter Cell back to the drawing board?

ApocalypseShadow3767d ago

redefined?or REDESIGNED after their first failed attempt?

after they got a good look at kojima's game,they had better have a good game coming.

Lord Vader3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

The old school MGS 1-3 always beat SC in graphics & MGS1 had the best story all time, but SC destryoed MGS in gameplay, & MGS2 & 3 got so crazy storywise with no control updates... Pandora Tommorow & Chaos Theory blew past MGS in terms of story & gameplay...

I expect the new SC:C to do the same, be better in gameplay most definately & probably a better story than MGS4 as well.

MGS1 is in my top 5 games of all time, but the gameplay never evolved & the story got seriously strange & convoluted. I was not impressed with the gameplay in MGS4 at all.

infamousinfolite3767d ago

^^^Are you smoking something???

cream4083767d ago

yea...stealthy for 5 hours....whoop dee doo

Homicide3767d ago

Are you talking about MGS4 because that's how long the game lasted once you removed all the cutscenes...

ikral3767d ago

It redefined genre once, why not again. And on PS3 eventually, puuulease...

ginsunuva3767d ago

Of course it will redefine stealth!

The new definition of stealth is action-packed-guns-blazing-and -just-run-into-shadows-after-yo u-are-done.

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