Motion Control Trailers - Who Does it Best?

You could almost be watching three clips from the same video - how consumer marketing plays a critical part in the motion control wars...

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King_of _the_Casuals3169d ago

I think Wii and the PS Move will be locked into one battle because they both use wands.

MS will be seen separately because it will be a totally different experience.

Foliage3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


The Move will be locked in two battles. People fail to realize that Natal isn't as impressive as the hype. The PS3 motion controller is good enough at what Natal tries to have as it's strong suit, that the Move will more than likely receive ports for it. Look at all the big publishers, they are supporting both controls, although the Move has 2-3 times more support from publishers. The same will happen with Wii games ported to the Move.

On the other hand, neither of the competitors can boast about having any where near the features Move has. The wii is terrible at spacial recognition, no camera to detect movement, and movement is limited due to poor handling of screen frames. Natal on the other hand lacks precision, is plagued with lag, and there is no controller to allow it to play hardcore game experiences, there is also the hit to the memory of the 360. Not to mention, both competitors, especially the Wii are incredibly lacking in the technical department of what the console offers.

Move is the best solution by a mile.

EvilTwin3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Foliage -- Some of those Move demos had a heckuva lot of lag (if the lag that could cripple Natal comes from relying on camera input, there could be some issues with the Eye, too). I hope it's because those demos were taken from earlier stages of development for their respective games, because there's some promising stuff there.

That said, the PS3 just got to a competitive price point. If Sony plans on tacking another $100 on for a Move bundle, they've already put themselves behind the 8 ball again for attracting new users.

And it's still up to devs to push the tech that's there. Third parties had a looooooong learning curve with the Wii remote.

King_of _the_Casuals3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

You have SOOO many inaccuracies I don't even know where to begin.

1. Lag - You do realize that there are reports from yesterday about MOVE and Lag. Granted it will be corrected, but so will Natal. How are you gonna criticize Natal when MOVE has shown the same exact problem.

2. "People fail to realize that Natal isn't as impressive as the hype." Oh I'm sorry, I forgot YOU personally know more then the media who has tried this first hand. (Sarcasm)Please enlighten us with the real truth you know because you are a psychic.

3. "Move has 2-3 times more support from publishers." AGAIN, how would you know this when final numbers have not been released from either party???

4. "Natal on the other hand lacks precision" Another statement made with NOOO knowledge. Do you work for MicroSoft? Have you played the final build??

I'm not saying one is better then the other but please try arguing with FACTS not just make believe fanboy perceptions.
And what I was talking about was perception. Yes, me and you as true gamers know that the MOVE and Wii are vastly differently, but this is targeted towards the Mass Market. They will see wand and control and automatically think Wii.

The Natal is atleast different so people will think of it different. That is all I was saying.

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FrankWest3169d ago

I find all of them equally boring...don't like these kind o' trailers

BeardedGamerShow3169d ago

I love my PS3, but I think the Wii trailer is better here.

eagle213169d ago

The Wii trailer included an actual classic game that was good enough to get a 95 on metacritic. Sony has to prove they have a game worth buying this new controller for. I will still buy the black Wiimote with Motionplus over this new Sony controller from what I've seen so far. Bring the heat Sony. :)

na-no-nai3169d ago

wii trailer is better, show more games and look interactive lol

Johnny Rotten3169d ago

motion controls are lame.

~ Sony's looks like the wii but in HD.
~ Microsoft looks like the eyetoy in HD.

Gr813169d ago

I can respect. Hates Motion Controls no matter what company makes em. I'd bubble you up, but no need.

Oh and for the record, I love Motion Controls when done right.

As for the contest, Wii by a country mile. I hate to say this, because I thought Sony might have something worth while, but they didn't. All they seemed to have were more detailed tech demos of the lame tech demos they showed at E3. And I'm not too sure those problems mentioned will be ironed out. When developing a game the foundation has to be the interface, third parties largely just tack on waggle. Nintendo has largely been the only company capable of making good/great MC games. Sony's first party while good, is not in Nintendo's league. And their experience with Motion is even more limited. As these displays show.

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