IGN: PlayStation Move, The Wii Perspective

There's no question that the PlayStation Move – the official name of Sony's long-in-development motion controller solution – has Nintendo to thank for its inspiration. Hell, even at the Sony press conference at the Game Developers Conference, Peter Dille, Sony's executive of marketing and emcee of the event, couldn't help but congratulate Nintendo on its success with the Wii and its motion-sensing remote.

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saint_john_paul_ii3778d ago

"And at a hundred bucks for the starter system – that's just for the controller and a game"

and the PS eye.

Death24943778d ago

the exact same thing. How do you write an article and miss that crucial bit of information. You can watch the d*mn video again and see that it includes the $40 PSeye. This is the kind of stuff i'm talking about and i doubt that it was a "fool's error" mistake.

If my math is correct....

PSeye $40
PSmove $40
Sport Gladiators $20

no_more_trolling3778d ago

all of a sudden motion controls are so frikkin cool


Kyur4ThePain3778d ago

...or get out of the way.

Socomer 19793778d ago

See if you are like me then youve gotten a wii for your household.
why? Because you just did only to be dissapointed with the lack of hardcore games. You thought to yourself, why cant this game be in HD with better graphics? Why cant this wii mote be more precise?

Sony said: here you go.
Cool Right?

PSMOVE it or lose it.