GDC: PS3 Lead Medal Of Honor Platform

NowGamer: The game's producer has confirmed that the build of Medal Of Honor being shown at GDC is 60 per cent complete, while the lead development platform is, unusually for an Unreal Engine-based shooter, the PlayStation 3...

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saint_john_paul_ii3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

now that is what i call good news. not to mention real news lol.

MmaFanQc3775d ago

Medal Of Honor series started on the psone

presto7173775d ago

Will be expecting results.

devsgreat3775d ago

they will delivery another great game just like bf:bc 2...almost the same on both consoles

thematrix12983775d ago

"they will delivery another great game just like bf:bc 2...almost the same on both consoles"

ALMOST... :-). Leading platform will look and play better.

D4RkNIKON3775d ago

Change is coming.. PS3 exclusives are unmatched in visual quality and now the multiplats are being developed on the PS3 as the lead platform and being ported over to the 360. Oh how things can change in a years time.

creatchee3775d ago

This IS good news - PS3 to 360 ports are usually pretty good where 360 to PS3 ports have mixed results.

Not everyone has a budget to dual-develop on both platforms. This is the next best thing.

siyrobbo3775d ago

this is how it should be, unreal engine works better on the 360, so they should put most of there efforts making sure the ps3 version is up to scratch

worked well for arkham asylum

mikeslemonade3775d ago

My interest for this game has just risen.

Bigpappy3775d ago

Why even put the effort to improve the quality on PS3? EA has to be very careful here. They can not afford to screw up a 360 version of a FPS. 360 is the biggest fan-base for FPS. This is not an area where EA is dominant so they need to steel customers from Halo and COD. I have no problem with them starting on PS3, as long as it does not hurt the quality of 360 games. UT3 started on PS3 but looked and ran better on 360. Oblivion started on 360 but looked and ran better on PS3. There are more examples that show where the game starts is not an indicator of which version will be better. I have no desire to see PS3 guy continue to get screwed over by EA ports. It is not fear to them if it can be avoided. On the flip side, if EA screws up on the 360 version, there will be hell to pay as we are the larger fan-base in the areas where FPS are sold. When the PS2 the larger fan-base, Xbox owners had to put up with a bunch of shyty ports. Now we are the larger base, there is noway we will let that fly this time around.

WildArmed3775d ago

I think history has shown that they can handle porst to 360 very well.
the ports backwards dont work well.

SO as long as both consoles get the a working, unbroken game, I'll be happy. I dont care what platform it was developed on.

Look at Mw2.. that game was barely 'working' for quite awhile.

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GiantEnemyCrab3775d ago

Yeah, just like FFXIII I think we can see how this leading on the PS3 does to 360 games.

Thanks for the heads up so I can skip this.

ZombieAutopsy3775d ago

It's the same the other way around though, just buy it for the ps3 its not that hard.

El_Colombiano3775d ago

Yeah I know crabby, I mean we all know the nasty ports that were Burnout Paradise, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, DMC4, etc... oh wait.

raztad3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )


You owned the crab. It's amazing how a single bad example overshadows a lot of good ones.

On the other hand is endless the list of horrible PS3 ports from the xbox.

BTW, Colombian are you really from over there?

Dance3775d ago

Whole purpose of choosing the PS3 as lead platform is to assure the PS3 version will not end up like another Bayonetta

mrmikew20183775d ago

I don't understand your comment bro. Are you saying your not going to buy the game, because it might be slightly better on one console over the other?

mastiffchild3775d ago

Also crabs I think the crappy level of performance of a few jrpgs (even using UE3) on 360 could be more to blame than it being a PS3to 360 port as usually, as pointed out, this route gives the most even results-come on, you know that!

And,FYI, pretty much ALL the supposed "bad PS3 ports" were drastically blown out of proportion. The worst one is easily LP1, then tOB but apart from those, even including Bayonetta(biggest fuss about very little in the history of this subject-just because they found actual differences didn't make it open season for hyperbole! Yeah, it had a bit of slowdown and some load lengh issues but nothing bad and I still chose it on PS3 because my controller preference outweighed the (very) odd slipped frame and a couple of seconds an hours loading time extra!), all have been playable, enjoyable and pretty much had nothing wrong with them that you could see yourself whatsoever and definitely not during gameplay.

I'm saying the same is true of FF13-yes it's not as great as the PS3 version but very few would care if it wasn't:a, FF-which is looks heavy or b, if the reaction of the games media wasn't so markedly different to when it happens the other way round. Moast people who only own a 360 will just play it and never think about it once! Bloody LoT and DF have made this generation a pi55ing contest over games which were NEVER going to push either console to it's limits as the take parity as king and have to think of the weaknesses of both and strengths of neither platform(e.G-can't use full BR and can't use too much of 360 GPU/Ram advantage, no?). Seriously, we've gotten so touchy about a bunch of games that never proved anything and now tiny differences denote lazy devs and useless hardware when it's just the rules of this generations multiplatform games at fault AND the way they're sensationalised by sites that NEED to find fault to justify existing. I hate the pair of em, honestly, find something real to write about rather than using effin programs to find screen tear cos you can't even see it with, y'know, eyes.

So, GEC, just calm down and be happy your favourite(though i know you also enjoy your PS3 these days)console has had the better of these infinitesimally different ports/multis so far! Honestly, there's nothing that peeves me more than comparison sites making more out of tiny things we can't even see than ANYTHING else in gaming-and I'm a narky old gimmer.

saint_john_paul_ii3775d ago

You will obtain a crab soul. And a power that is beyond human imagination

Doc Sony3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Thats exactly what he's saying...

Bea Arthur3775d ago

GiantEnemyCrab...I'm not even quite sure what you are trying to say but development on a console with superior hardware can only help the evolution of video games. Besides it won't effect the 360 version that much because MoH isn't like FF or some other really complex game. It will be another shooter, just like the other 2 dozen we have seen this generation.

Pennywise3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

There is a HUGE difference between a game being coded for a playstation3 exclusive getting ported to the 360 at the end of the development process and a game initially being lead on the PS3 for multiplatform development from the initial concept of the game. You know this crab... you just can't handle the fact that when a game utilizes the PS3's SPUs and builds it to its potential on the PS3, it will look like blurred "grimy" crap on the 360.

GiantEnemyCrab3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Please, I just gave you an example of a game that is a complete turd on the 360 thanks to being lead developed on the PS3.

Not going to spend $60 to find out if or not. I just don't buy multiplats on the PS3, never have and never will.. I will just simply not buy the game then. Even 1 Frame difference is too much for me.

@below: Petty because I have built a 360 library and that's how I want it? It has nothing to do with the fact it's Sony, if that's what you are trying to imply.. I just am not going to start a multiplat collection on the PS3, it has not been the main console in my home.

Fishy Fingers3775d ago

Well thats incredibly petty and frankly not what I'd consider to be the actions of a "gamer".

saint_john_paul_ii3775d ago

well start getting used to it then. cause it looks like this will be the norm from here on out..

silvacrest3775d ago

that sounds like the actions of a crazy person lol
damn crab, that is pretty pathetic

Bea Arthur3775d ago

GiantEnemyCrab...well then it's settled we'll all enjoy great multiplatform titles on the console of our choice and you can play the same old crap over and over again.

GiantEnemyCrab3775d ago

Bea: Settled? You seem to think I was actually looking to decide something or debate? My comment was a statement, not a question to you or any of the people who replied. So yeah, you go do that and just like before you replied I will continue to not give a shat.

rockleex3775d ago

Giant Enemy Crab is slain.

Finish Him!


bjornbear3775d ago

I don't get people who dont buy a game because its the inferior port

if its broken (i.e Bayonetta before sony fixed it) then fine, but if its not, who cares?

but fine, your loss =)

Bea Arthur3775d ago's called sarcasm. I was being sarcastic because it is ridiculous that you are unwilling to play any game that was built using the PS3 as the lead platform. You are going to miss out on a bunch of games that are going to be great and will have subtle differences between both versions because of some ridiculous idea that the game being built on the PS3 somehow greatly hinders the 360 experience. There have been plenty of games I have played that were built on the 360 and ported over to the PS3 and are virtually identical.

Pennywise3775d ago

Crab... I am glad after you got some bubbles back you are showing your true, biased, petty train of thought.

You keep playing multi games on your 360. You will miss a lot of games because PS3 is taking the lead development. But in the hypocritical ways you live by... I am willing to bet you are playing BFBC2, right?

nycredude3775d ago


Funny how that "turd" you call FFXIII is the best looking game on the 360 so far. The fact that it is inferior to the Ps3 version is more a by product of the limitations of the 360 and it's last gen storage medium than the development being led on the Ps3. This is the future. Get used to it.

Solidus187-SCMilk3775d ago

you would know you have to wait and see which one is better.

If you want to declare one inferior right now because of ports like bayonetta or FF13, but dont forget about ghostbusters which led on ps3 too.

Im guessing this game will be pretty much the same. If you really care about playing the better version you will either wait till the game is out or get it on PC.

zeeshan3775d ago

Who the fu*k care if he buys a game or not. Let him rot, let him be pathetic for the rest of this console generation. Move on and enjoy the awesome news!

madpuppy3775d ago

If He wants to spite himself, let (him?) go right ahead.

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chak_3775d ago

better not sh*t PC version EA.

Stationfan3775d ago

I think ive heard off of the psnation podcast that the ps3 was the lead platform for Battlefield 2 console version. If true maybe thats why weve been seeing Multiplat games stepping up graphically.

Pennywise3775d ago

Its not being built to look better on one console. It is being made to look equal. It can only look as good as its weakest link will allow.