The Playstation Move Disconnect

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "The message boards know best. Or so they think. The words of a dozen no-name opinionators like myself. Free expression without the need for comprehension. Are you people reading what the journalists are saying about Playstation Move, or just ignoring it? Quicker to go out on a whim I guess. "Shit is shit". Until someone says that, erm, it's actually not. Which you might actually hear if you stopped ranting and read what the critics have to say: without being revolutionary many journalists are agreeing - Playstation Move is pretty darn neat."

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Redlogic3147d ago

I mean, yes what was shown didn't have much individuality but it was just GDC. They weren't going to blow people away with 20 new games all showing some new features never seen before with the Move. E3 is right around the corner and that is when people will see what Move has to offer. All the internet jockeys and foaming fan-boys just cut out the "Move is doomed" "move is laggy" bull until the final product is shown. Thanks for the article Twiggy, well said.

Blackcanary3147d ago

people need to read this article and start being open minded.