Sony 3D glasses to cost £90

Electronics giant Sony is expected to release its first commercially available 3DTVs in the UK market this June – but as is the case with all early adopters, those wishing to take the plunge early on face a hefty outlay.

Sony's first 3D sets will include in the box two sets of active shutter specs and a 3D emitter. However, households where more than two people are expected to watch the TV at any one time face an additional fee of £90 per pair – at least, that's a direct translation of the Japanese price.

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Alcon Caper3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

GAH! That's $135.00! Per pair?!

So much for having friends over to watch movies in 3D...

xTruthx3146d ago

LOL XD, I see this getting a price cut soon

Darkeyes3146d ago

I think there will be other 3rd part Glasses which will be much more cheaper. Either ways, the best deal for Sony has to be to bundle the glasses with the 3DTV.. Besides, aren't those prices a little bit more? I saw the Samsung 3DTV 40" listed at around 2000$s which is quiet reasonable IMO.

DaTruth3146d ago

Dollars and pounds are almost relative when buying imported goods! Will probably be $100 in the US/CAN!

Like we pay a similar amount for games. Europe has ridiculous tariffs on imported goods!

BlackCountryBob3145d ago

@Darkeyses; no there will not be third party specs. While all the technology is similar, the glasses themselves rely on proprietary signals specific to each manufacturer. To conclude, Only SOny glasses will work on a Sony TV, same for Samsung and Panasonic too.

While expensive, these are not just polarised or coloured specs like you get at the cinema or in garbage DVDs (My Bloody Valentine I am looking at you). These are active with the lenses opening and closing 60x a second for each eye with an infrared link to the TV to synchronize the action and a suitably powerful rechargeable lithium battery while remaining light enough to balance on your face.

Granted they are not cheap but they are a pretty impressive technical achievement.

I will also remind you that the way these Tvs work, one person can be watching with the glasses on while someone can be watching the same picture in 2D without the glasses. The picture is not the blurry red and blue overlaid image like in current 3D products. Minus the specs, it appears to be just a simple 1080p picture, the glasses create the 3D, the TVs are new because they need to refresh at true 120hz.

simplyRealistic183145d ago

you do know there is other active shutter glasses out in the world that cost just as much or probably more right, so sony isnt doing anything different when it comes to pricing active shutter glasses

prices will drop when 3d tv prices drop

DelbertGrady3145d ago

Consider getting a sixth job.

Time Lord3145d ago

for the rest of us, will have to wait.

Genesis53145d ago

Since when has the early adoption of any new technology been cheap? Eventually the price will come down

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yoghurt3147d ago

So now people expect Sony to give away 4 - 8 pairs of glasses with every TV - to some people Sony can never do enough.

If they had of given 4 pairs, the press would moan they want 6

Alcon Caper3147d ago

Haha, or they could not give any pairs away and make them cheaper then 135.00 [email protected] dollars...

Barbapapa3147d ago

well if i am buying a new and expensive 3d tv i could probably get 4 pairs for free. it depends how good people haggle. i bought my hd tv with a extra dvd player with 5.1 and a 20in sd flatscreen.

stridershoge3145d ago

Way too expensive, I cannot see 3D TV taking off quickly if they don't start with reasonable prices.

simplyRealistic183145d ago

well if someone spends more than 3k on a their 3d led hd tv, than sony should give 2 pairs of their active shutter glasses bundled with it

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killalot1003147d ago

they do give u 2 of them but they should not be 150 for something that look ugly. wonder if any after market glasses are going to be available. i would not pay 150 a pair.

Nicholas Cage3146d ago

i would pay 800 bucks for them, thats how much i spend on gas a month

Silly gameAr3146d ago

You have more money to blow than me. At least with gas, you're buying something useful.

Dorwrath3146d ago

you have more money than sense.

Lou Ferrigno3146d ago

Con air was one of the most badazz movies ever!
and bankok dangerous sucked lol

Bren863145d ago

arnold schwarzenegger was always the better body builder

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Allowen3146d ago

Will these glasses works with any D tv model or even any other 120Hz TV while playing PS3's games in 3D ?

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