VideoGamer: Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

Final Fantasy, really, is all about the characters. The characters drive the story forward. It is the characters who you fall in love with, who you care about, who you emotionally engage with. It is the characters, their design, personalities, and, of course, kick ass special attacks, that make Final Fantasy so beloved.

To mark the release of the latest in the franchise VideoGamer thought they'd cast their minds back and recount their favourite characters from Square Enix's fantasy universe. Some are easy to predict. Some... less so. And yes, even some FFXIII characters make the cut.

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NateNater3767d ago

Well what do ya know, the majority are FFVII characters.

FFVII is my favorite game in the series but I would like to see a list of top 10 FF characters that excludes anyone from VII. That would be interesting.