Introducing PlayStation Move: new trailer + official information from PS Blog

New trailer and details of PlayStation Move controller.

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Alcon Caper3777d ago

Was this made before they decided to make it a nun-chuck? Odd...

green3777d ago

So how do you play the boxing/fighting game if you only have one wand?How do you move forward in a game if you have 2 wands without the nunchuk?One wand + nunchuk wont even allow you to use 2 hands to box because the nunchuk does not have a giro or that ball for the camera to track.

It seems like to get the full experience, you just have to buy the camera, an extra wand and a nunchuk.Sony better bundle 2 wands + 1 nunchuk together because it is going to cause confusion for a lot of consumers.

mastiffchild3777d ago

Green-yeah-the pricing of individual controllers(we don't even have a mooted way of getting the "sub" yet!)and the bundle content needs serious revision in my book and the optimum would be a pack with two wands and one sub for those with an eye and the same but with an added Eye for those without and neither bundle should cost more than £50-60 but I can't see them doing it!

Will they lose out again because they price themselves out of a market? when a Wii is already cheaper they must accept what they need to do or might as well give up.

Right now they say "less than $100"(£60-70 pounds)for one wand, Eyecam and a game-but that WILL mean $99.99 and isn't enough to play many of the bloody games. Seriously, you can get a nunchuck third party peripheral(which actually contains motion sensing gyros/accelerometers)for a fiver! There's no reason for the sub to cost more than that or be stuck in with EVERY wand free of charge, imo and if a wand is a similar price to a DS3 on it's own you're currently looking at over £100 to set this up! I'll have to wait but it's al over, in many ways, if this ends up their strategy, imo, as no one will pick up on it, no one.

Which would be sad as I think it's likely to end up working very well indeed as Sony stuff generally does it's job excellently-whatever you might think you have to admit that I'd say. Yeah, the hardware will work and some of the software is interesting even now but , yet again, you worry that Sony have listen to a price focus group made up entirely of Russian Oligarchs or something.

xTruthx3777d ago

Yeah.. I find it silly if you have to buy another wand to be able and enjoy the full experience of games... or maybe only a few will use 2 wands ?

Mike134nl3777d ago

Sony please do it right; show less pink move balls but more awesome game play.

mastiffchild3777d ago

Yes, but look at what games it's pushing:you think THAT ad is aimed at those they imagine will be playing Socom4 or a retooled RE5? Cos I really don't. Besides their UK ads are always the worst, most amateur, sixth form media studies/art collage BS around. You US gamers don't know what we put up with, honestly you dont?!!!

Sonyslave33777d ago

It only does everything..Nintendo does.

LordMarius3777d ago

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