8.0 Napoleon: Total War Review "Napoleon: Total War offers a truly engaging experience and it further cements Total War's dominance over its chosen genre. While it doesn't stray too much from the tried and tested, there are still some new innovations scattered throughout and even the AI won't hinder the experience that much. There is also plenty of content to enjoy, with multiple campaigns and of course, the option of multiplayer."

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Hardedge3778d ago

Whoa, looks pretty impressive.

somekyle3778d ago

I think I see what the sequel to this will be xD

Faelan3778d ago

The American civil war is all I can come up with as a logical next step if they want to stick with the firearms theme. WWI and beyond would require a drastic change in how the game plays thanks to long range artillery and aircrafts... and with the exception of the civil war, most people don't know much about the wars that took place between Napoleon and WWI. I'm not too sure how interesting it would be though, given the limited scope of the civil war.

I believe going back to Rome has been mentioned, so I wouldn't be surprised if Napoleon is the last we will see of the firearms era for now. Personally, I'd love to see something taking place in Japan or China, but that's just me.

Either way, the game is great and I hope they will at least revisit Empire Total War and add in some of the good stuff from Napoleon.

Coramoor_3778d ago

As someone who absolutley loves Empire: Total War, I'm very half and half on picking this up as i just can't really justify it when i have such a great experience on a much grander scale availible