A Few Needed Tweaks for Bad Company 2

RespawnAction: "While I absolutely love DICE's newest Battlefield entry, Bad Company 2, and play it constantly, there are a few issues that need to be addressed sooner than later. And don't comment about server issues or store issues because as we speak those are being worked on. This has to do with gameplay issues, and possibly some game breaking issues."

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mjolliffe3770d ago

I'm just loving the experience of it at the moment :)

respawnaction3770d ago

I don't think it was even a prob in 1943.

Bea Arthur3770d ago

respawnaction...agreed. The sniper mortar is also annoying as crap. I think that needs to be fixed more than anything. Not only can you sit in the corner of the map all round but now you don't even have to move from that spot to destroy a vehicle. That is totally ridiculous. They need to reduce the amount of damage it does to vehicles.

As for the other stuff, I disagree with conquest. I notice a lot more tickets being lost when you are down on flags so I don't see an issue with that. The sniper class is annoying but other than the mortar it's everyone's right to choose whatever class they want. If I'm in a squad full of snipers I just find a new squad. Spawn camping is annoying but if you don't like it get better and be more strategic about getting a squad member behind enemy lines. If everyone is camping your spawn it should be easier to plant a bomb.

ASSASSYN 36o3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

You shouldn't sit still in a vehicle all day. It takes a while to attack a vehicle with a mortar attack. I move constantly in my tank just to avoid mortar attacks.

Everyone wants some degree of reality in there FPS games with weapon sways, and the ability to lay prone. But cry foul when something seems to powerful which in reality is accurately potrayed. I assure you a mortar attack would destroy a tank and every vehicle type in battlefield BC2 by hitting the weakest part of it's armour. The turret. That is why anti-tank weapons are directed at that weak point.

If something needs to be fixed... fix the M82(M107) Barrett. It is not bolt action and should not require headshots to kill anyone.

TheBand1t3770d ago

It's not an M82. It's an M95.

Also, the M95 hasn't been a one hit in BF since it's been introduced. It's advantage was being able to pierce the glass of c0ckpits/jeeps, but now every sniper can do that. Now it'll one hit anything within 40M of you.

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movements3770d ago

Need some fixes yes, but overall a great game~!

Koromaro3770d ago

They Need to fix a Few Things

1. Snipers
Everyone is a Sniper (damn COD kiddies). The Mortar they have.
They Need increase the cooldown by alot or make it do less damage

2. Some Guns need a tweak or 2
M1911: This lil bugger does the same damage as a magnum o.o
LMG: Big a$$ gun with lots of damage and little recoil o.O
Shotguns: They have a lot of range that's not right
SMG: how the hell can i snipe a sniper with it at great distance?

3. Classes
They need to set a limit or something. Kinda gets bad when you have 4 Medics back to back to back to back reviving each other let alone the 400 bullets coming at you when they see you.

TheBand1t3770d ago

.45 does 3-4 in the chest to kill a dude. Magnum is a twohitter quitter.

LMG is good at close-med range, but still not as good as an assault rifle in terms of accuracy.

Shotguns are near useless as it is.

SMGs are kind of a misnomer since most of them are carbines

spektical3770d ago

the sniper classes are fine. IT evens out for both teams, so in the end is like 6 v6 other classes

the spawn camping for conquest needs to be fixed.

However, my biggest concern is that the knife does work well.