Hell Descent's Deadly Premonition Review

HellDescent writes: "Deadly Premonition (Formerly know as Rainy Woods) is a very difficult game to describe. It was originally planned for a 2008 release but complications due to its striking similarity to the David Lynch television show Twin Peaks caused it to be delayed. Deadly Premonition requires a special mindset to fully understand what makes its so great. In other words, it's an acquired taste. From a "normal" point of view the game would be trash due to the graphics alike the last generation of games, stiff controls and sketchy voice acting. But ladies and gentlemen, that is what makes this game so damn fun. So many things are wrong in this game but that's what makes it work."

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Pennywise3773d ago

So what any other game would get marked off severely for... makes this game "fun" and deserving of a high score.

Arsenic133773d ago

Reviews are opinion. Graphics and controls may have been bad but that didnt detract much from the games hilarity. The developers knew their game would be strange and they made sure that it expressed it. The game is self aware of its genre and does a damn fine job of balancing horror and absurdity.


Some people like the game, should the world end with you and your opinion, huh?

Pennywise3773d ago

I understand its quirky and funny, but the double standards are getting old. Next time reviewers want to rank a game bad... They should just realize they were in the wrong "mindset"

iFLOWLIKEWATER - Don't get all defensive with me. They can have their opinion, but according to your snarky comment, I am not allowed to have mine. Technically this game is horrible. You can call it design choice. I call it bad. IMO that is how I feel. Should other opinions be invalid? No, but why get mad at me if I have a different opinion than what they think.

Rockox3773d ago

I saw this game in a store yesterday selling new for $25. I was tempted to get it, but something tells me it would be a waste of my time...

GameOn3773d ago

It's a bad experience worth having.

Grown Folks Talk3773d ago

It's only $19.99. I'm still on the fence about it.

Stationfan3773d ago

If a game thats too bad its good, so can a game thats too good be bad that is the question.

Arsenic133773d ago

Modern Warfare 2? Everyone loves it. I hate it.

Rockox3773d ago

I thought Dead Space was excellent, but by Chapter 10 (the third-to-last chapter), I was getting sick of the game. I guess that's not really "so good it's bad", more like "too much of a good thing."