GDC: Playstation Move latency revealed

The PlayStation Move was designed to be as responsive, precise enough to handle both fast and subtle motions.

"The latency for the PlayStation Move is as robust as the DualShock 3 and Sixaxis wireless controller – under one frame," said Scott Rohde, vice president of product development, SCEA.

The comment was published as part of a Develop feature detailing the technical specifications of new PlayStation new motion controller, unveiled at GDC early this morning.

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Blaster_Master3776d ago

what is it with Sony always leaving the right analog stick out completely? Sheesh.

Raf1k13776d ago

You don't seem to realise that the right move controller acts as the right analog stick.

Pennywise3776d ago

Why do people keep saying this?? The motion is the right stick, just as said above.

Death24943775d ago

Check out my pitch......

You guys know how the Wii has peripherals where you just place the controller inside right? Well look, Sony should make a light gun case with two handles. On the rear handle (the handle closest to your body) you would place the sub motion controller. This way you can hold the gun while using your thumb to move your character with the analog. Place the "MOVE" at the top of the chasis so where ever you point the gun your character will replicate it. you would hold it with both hands for better control. Couple that with 3d and i promise that would be close to the movie GAMER.


presto7173775d ago

but what about R2 and R1. I didn't see them in the pics.

Fishy Fingers3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

My guess would be R1 being replaced by the large rectangle button on top, and R2 with the T (trigger) button underneath.

The Great Melon3775d ago

I am interested to know if the extra two face buttons on the subcontroller can be distinguished from the other two on the move.

siliticx3775d ago

I'm pretty sure X is X, whereever you press it, its most likely the same signal.

StanLee3775d ago

A Wii Remote ripoff for a hundred bucks! SMH!

3775d ago
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GR8 13776d ago

Lag infested Motion Controller. Move away from this wii Rip-Off.

knowledge4lfe3775d ago

your parents must be so proud there kid got special ed of the month. whats natal latency by the way??

azazin3775d ago

Natal 30 fps says Hi.

Fishy Fingers3775d ago

First link is interesting, seems Sony were accurate when they said they've been working on the Move for years.

Second video, seen that a million times already.

bjornbear3775d ago


sorry...fanboy spasm there =3

very interesting video

starvinbull3775d ago

Fact is that 1 frame out of a second is 1/25 frames(pal) or 1/30 frames (ntsc).

Natal is described by M$ as having lag of 1/10 frames, this makes it 2.5 or 3 times more laggy than "move".

It seems accuracy has it's price to pay as does Natal's lack of controller device.

Fact is that nobody will be playing Counter Strike on PS3 with move or 360 with Natal so their respective lag is passable on most games.

If a tester can play ping pong, live, applying backspin and lobs at will with no trouble then I don't see what the problem is. That's what I saw today when I watched the GDC presentation so I'm convinced from a technical point of view.

The only thing they have to do now is find something to use it with other than family games, Demons souls?

Finalfantasykid3775d ago

Demon's Souls might be a possibility, but IMO, this sort of thing doesn't work quite as well as a third person type game.

Oblivion on the other hand would work amazingly well with this control scheme.

JustTheFactsMr3775d ago

"Fact is that nobody will be playing Counter Strike on PS3 with move".

Well only because I don't know if it's actually available on the PS3.

However did you miss the Socom 4 stuff? Shooters will definitely be something possible with the Move.

jaseo3775d ago

PAL and NTSC are SD formats.

HD and 3D formats can have higher framerates. But yes, it begs the question, how long is 1 frame? how long is a piece of string?

starvinbull3775d ago

If the Sony rep was talking about framerates higher than 25 or 30 per second then the 1 frame of latency is even less of an issue.

I used those fps as an example, if games are running properly there should never be an instance of less than 25 fps on any format, in any territory.

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3775d ago
TheBand1t3775d ago

Don't go into the open zone. Some little assbag is spoiling God of War III.

knowledge4lfe3775d ago

i hear what youre saying, but if you played the first 2 you would know what he already tried to do.

Foliage3775d ago

Much appreciated, have a bubble.

SIX3775d ago

I had Heavy Rain spoiled for me the same way. These douchebags should be permanently banned.

mastiffchild3775d ago

With all the interest GOW3 is creating in the series AND more pertinently with many people either playing or about to play the Collection package the spoiling is still a totally wrong headed act.

It actually upsets me to see people acting this way to others who, on fact, are part of the same community-aren't we all just gamers at the end of the day? Sure, a few of us are too keen for out own good, some get carried away in "support" of their most beloved console but acting like this is just NEVER a fair thing to start doing .

It's unforgivable and should, if justice for gamers' existed , result in people being banned from our ranks or actually suspended from playing any games/having internet access for a while. You just HAVE to despise the little fools who do stuff like deliberately try to spoil games for people like we've seen recently here on N4G-it goes way beyond what's "cool" or "OK" for fanboys to do and well into the realms of sheer tosspotism!

Loads of people still want to play all three GOW games on PS3(hell, it's only just releasing in a week or so in the EU IIRC!)right now and this is bad whatever spoilers it contains IF it's ruining, and knowingly, the fun of GOW virgins. Sad as...

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