Kitase wants to do FFXIII-2 and responds to Western critics

A few hours before the game went on sale, I spoke to producer Kitase and director Toriyama about battle systems, western RPGs and the possibility of a Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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TOO PAWNED3770d ago

Guys, want to hear something interesting? If you go over at VGCRAP and express your opinion that FF13 SUCKS, you get banned. It's not trolling or going over the top, you just say you don't like the game and bam you get banned.
What a bunch of butt hurt h...s

Agent Smith3770d ago

Maybe the ending of Final Fantasy XIII is people start building towns, so we'll finally have towns in the sequel.

Or DLC towns for FFXIII.

meepmoopmeep3768d ago

put all your resources in FF vs XIII please

The Killer3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

they should have stick to the ps3!!

now the game is ruined and became a multiplatform game!! no more big attention!

and the game reputation is ruined too(thank you MS and SE)!!!

only hope for the franchise is versus 13 for this gen for SE, if for any reason versus 13 get ruined then the franchise will start dying.

97gsx3768d ago

If they do a sequel they have to add npcs, side bosses,side missions,towns, and a world map.

Ravage273768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

they can't do that unless they ditch the DVD format, they will not want another SO4 situation

menoyou3768d ago

Square-Enix is trash. They keep making gay ass games. FFX-2 was one of their worst in company history and they want to make another? Yet have no time for an FF7 remake? Screw these retards.

FanboysWillHateMe3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I thought it would be a boring first 20 hours like all the reviewers claimed, but I absolutely disagree with them. These opening chapters have been very fun, and if the latter half is even better, I can't wait to reach that point.

I'd prefer this battle system without towns over any other FF battle system with towns included. Such a small thing to complain, and the crazy thing is that it makes perfect sense within the storyline.

Gimped game? I certainly don't feel that way. And if you do...well, my sympathies for you.

At the VERY least I see this getting an 8 out of 10. At the very least. I think whoever gave it a 6 or 7 is just really used to open-ended RPGs and considered the linearity to be a game-breaker. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, but not enough to make it go from "good" to "average," imo. Everything else is top notch: fantastic battle system, cast of characters, music soundtrack, and great graphics.

Edit: # of disagrees I get = # of fanboys that don't want to accept that this multiplatform game is actually great =)

At the guy below me: Nope, you're just living in the past. I don't miss the towns. I don't miss the NPCs. NPCs, really? Haha, really? You're gonna complain cause you can't talk to random strangers for pointless information? I'm embracing these changes and loving them. Are you? No? That's only unfortunate for you, not me, haha.

97gsx3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Lost odyssey did it with 4 discs I assume square can do it with 6 discs. Since disc swapping isnt a big deal that should be ok right? I would definitely pick the 6 discs instead of a bad game. Let microsoft foot the bill.

Edit reply to fanboyswillhateme

Are you serious? Or are you in complete denial? The game is nothing like past final fantasys. The towns, side missions, npcs, side bosses are all gone. Is this your first final fantasy?

Yup by your response you are a fanboy. ignore

Ravage273768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

With loads of high rez textures,FF13-2 will most likely encounter the same situation as SO4. SO4 was especially bad as you have to frequently swap discs back and forth to access new locations. I imagine it will be much worse if they introduce open exploration to FF13. It will make more sense for SE to compromise the open gameplay than to endure the complaints from the 360 camp.

On topic,my main gripe with FF13 is that it tries too hard to please the newcomers and alienated the fans in the process.

With all the missing content, it's like a half step forward and 10 steps back. They took out the towns,minigames,sidequests,gam bit system and made the first half of the game mind-numbingly linear. And i'm still trying to figure out what exactly were they sacrificed for.

97gsx3768d ago

What makes even less sense is the reason they left Nintendo was because the n64 would not have enough storage space. Now 15 years later they decided to go backwards.

Ravage273768d ago

that's an...interesting observation...

97gsx3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

The nintendo situation was bad though. I have a vhs from those days showing ff6 rendered in 3d for the n64. I remember nintendo stating that square was gonna use a 128 mb cartridge and the games were gonna be $100 or more. This situation is looking very similar.

Millah3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Wow, so even Kitase seems to have forgotten Final Fantasy's roots...

FF13 was Squares last chance for me, I told myself if they failed with this game that I'd give up on them entirely. Lets just say I'm not so optimistic about FFVS13 anymore.

The battle system in 13 is pretty damn awesome and the graphics are gorgeous, but everything else about the game just makes me cringe at times. The character interactions so far have been downright terrible and corny as hell. Snow is probably one of the worst characters ever in Final Fantasy, and the rest of the cast isn't all that bright either. And the pacing and storytelling is just nowhere near FF's past gems.

Main_Street_Saint3768d ago


Actually, it would seem that SE needs to invest their cash in better writers. You know, the one's that don't feel that every Role playing game plot needs to have everything including the kitchen sink.


Hey! That's insulting gay ass games everywhere.


Tell me about it. But then again if you look really hard, the series was beginning to forget itself at about part 8 (actually it was getting partial amnesia around 7).

dredgewalker3768d ago

Im trying to like this games as i have just started playing it, but its turning me off little by little. The characters do not have depth and the dialogue is extremely cheesy and im hating the direction it has taken. I know some people like it but its not for me, sorry guys but i've been a fan of FF for a long time and the changes doesn't feel right as if a lot of things were taken out. You can disagree all you want but i am always fair when it comes to judging games wether its on the other system or its multiplat it makes no difference to me as long as i can enjoy it.

IrishAssa3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Im on chapter 11 now in the open world. I don't want to play anymore its so boring

edit- the linearity problem, people keep saying this and that about how it's alright for gams to be linear. Eh yeah if they're a F***ing fun shooter like Uncharted or CoD. not a FF, I expect more quality from FF titles than other games, not the same S*** in turn based format

leyego3768d ago

i think ur the butt hurt fanboy here dude.
by what u say in ur comments it seems like u havent even touched FF13 yet.
tell me, if ur on the run from the goverment and everyone is out to get you, your face is plastered all over the place, and theres a mark on you that tells others ur a bad guy. would u talk to anyone? would to go to a shop and buy your gear?
no you wouldn't.

go play the game b4 u start spreading your fanboy logic around.

ff13 is a great FF game. its not the best but it is great. im enjoying it and ive played them all excluding the first 2.

97gsx3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

LOL at leygo Im a fanboy? Yea I hate my elite 360 and my 60 gb ps3 hasnt seen ff13 yet. I had ff13 preordered for 6 months I had that game on tues morning. I might be a square fanboy but I will not let a company bs me. Your excuses are extremely weak. This gen is so full of masochist fanboys its disgusting. Here some pics for you to be content with.

ThanatosDMC3767d ago

It's the other half of the game that's missing...

FinalFantasyFanatic3767d ago

Although I admit it's not the best in the series and I really do miss the towns,minigames,sidequests. Sometimes it just feels very monotonous (long path/corridor, fight, cutscene, rinse/repeat). They really do need to have some towns and minigames at least and it would be nice if we could control all the characters during battle again but I can sort of live with that lose in exchange for the new battle system.

After reading this interview now, it's obvious Kitase has forgotten what this series is all about. Please do a new game after Vs13 instead of a sequel or MMORPG, I really want another game that is more like the classic games on the original PS.

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moegooner883770d ago

Yeah do it Kitase, it will be a day 1 buy 4 me, btw FFXIII is AWESOME.

-MD-3770d ago

It is indeed awesome, I'm only 3 hours in but it's progressively getting more fun as I get through all the tutorials.

Jdoki3768d ago

Same here. About 10 hours in now. Liking the game a lot.

Sure it feels a bit diluted compared to older FF games - but I can't stop playing it!!

I quite liked FFX-2, so would not say No to a FFXIII-2

abc12333768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

i've just unlocked the odin summon and I must say that it is really fun. The beginning was to boring since you just repeated the same attacks over and over but with more attacks, summons, and paradigms I can see battles getting much more interesting.

Having said that, XIII is not as good as the past series in terms of story and the battles would be better if you could control all the characters. Also, some of the acting (looking at you vanille) makes me want to ram a screwdriver into my head. XIII-2 is probably the worst move SE can make considering many people will not have enjoyed the game because of the linearity (which I personally don't mind) and so it won't be very successful. A much more economically viable option is to work on vsXIII, then when that's done maybe a final fantasy XV or VII remake.

Meryl3768d ago

They can go shovel it back to the hell pit where it came from FF XIII is crap, please let it die now

ClownBelt3768d ago

Sequel? Will we finally see the cut out portion of the game because of some faulty system? lol i kid, i kid...

NoxiousD3768d ago

They will do it to add in all they taken out due to the xbox. Just say it it's the truth...

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